A car with AC is not a luxury anymore but a necessity since long back. Though it adds to our driving wellbeing still it can be harmful if we fail to use it efficiently. Before analysing further let us take a look at our car’s AC control system. The system comes with two options. It is essential to know their difference and find out which one is most suitable during our drive. Most of the recent models today have automatic sensor enabled systems that regulate the needs and switch to desired modes as necessary.

1) Recirculation Mode – By pressing the knob of this system, the air duct at the front of the car closes which stops outside air from entering into the cabin, thus, allowing circulation of the air already inside the car. This mode can be used for two reasons – a) to make the AC function quicker and stronger b) if we want to avoid polluted air or odour from coming inside the car.

2) Fresh Air Mode – This option brings in outside air into the cabin by opening the air duct enabling us to enjoy fresh moisture rich healthy oxygenated air. We can use this mode to defog the windscreen rapidly by disposing of the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the car. It is also used to provide ventilation inside. At the same time, this mode is useful in flushing out the stagnated air quickly when the car is used after a long gap.

Which one is better for us?

It is always advisable to adopt fresh air mode for various reasons.

1. Using recirculation option for a longer time makes the windows foggy decreasing visibility for the driver

2. The inside air which has already been used by the occupants gets heavy with moisture, impure chemicals and lacks oxygen. Thus, poor air quality can jeopardize our health and make us feel exhausted resulting in loss of concentration and healthy driving ability; especially children and the elderly with sensitivities and compromised immunity are more vulnerable.

Which one is better for the car?

At the same time, fresh air mode, if used without consideration, can be detrimental by reducing the vehicle’s efficiency as well as causing uneasiness to us during the ride due to pollutants outside.

Let’s play safe on our trips by applying our intelligence in choosing re-circulate mode till the car’s interior achieves a genuinely comfortable temperature and then switching on to fresh air option. But while choosing fresh air option we should ensure that the place and its surroundings are clean and fresh too.

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