The choice of car differs from one person to another. Like each of us might prefer a different style of dressing, we also have different preferences in what we drive. Be it brand new vehicles or refurbished cars, each car owner has their own reason for choosing their set of wheels. What you may not know is the car you drive tells more about your personal characteristics – individual hobbies, emotional qualities, and driving habits, than you can imagine. So here are 5 types of cars and what they tell about their owners.



1) Luxury Cars

Normally the preference of the elderly or the retired, these days luxury cars are also being chosen by those who love comfort. People with good taste, an eye for beauty or even those who want to show off their new-found wealth will opt for luxury cars. Luxury cars are also more popular amongst men than women. Those driving luxury cars seek attention and bask in it. The exception is the uber-rich, for whom luxury cars are a necessity, not luxury.

2) Sports Cars / Bright-coloured cars

Chosen either by those who are truly adventurous or those who dream of adventure but cannot gather the courage for it; these cars reflect people who are thrill-seekers, either in real life or in their dreams. The owners are typically younger, bolder, college-educated and risk-takers. They may not have a cool temperament while driving, specially if they are not the truly adventurous types.

3) Small Cars

Many people living in big cities opt for small cars as they can park the vehicles easily. Those driving small cars most probably live in higher density neighborhoods, are practical and reasonable. Their choice of car is driven by the money they can afford to spend. Those who are comparatively richer yet drive smaller cars generally have a passion to protect the environment and reduce fuel consumption.

4) Sedans

Mostly female drivers, sedate working professionals and the middle-aged choose sedans. These are also the preferred vehicles of the new rich, for whom this is a status symbol – an indication that they have arrived in life. They are mostly pragmatic, have a comfortable income and hate changes. They tend to be safer drivers and family-oriented.

5) SUVs

A number of studies have shown that people driving SUVs and similar larger cars often travel short distances on a daily basis, while they might go for long drives on weekends. Mostly belonging to the age group of less than 45, they typically live in suburbs of the city and love to drive. They can be self-absorbed and not too sensitive to others’ needs, specially when they buy the SUV as an individual choice, not to accommodate a large household.


Just like the type of your car, the colour of the vehicle also depicts your personality. For instance, silver and blue indicate a calm and cool temperament, red indicates that the owner is full of energy and may not be level-headed. Likewise, the status seekers opt for white cars, while the aggressive and rebellious ones prefer black vehicles. The practical ones choose grey and brown shades.

Now that you know all about it, the next time you buy a car, keep in mind what your car is telling about you. Because you may not want all your secrets out in the open.

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