The dream vehicle of many auto lovers, the Land Rover Discovery is a versatile can-do-all vehicle, whether it’s driving the daily urban commute to work or taking a comfortable, safe family trip on the weekend. It has been on Indian soil for a good two years now, but recently, it added on a new diesel variant with a 2-litre Ingenium motor. The Discovery Sport’s radical design and abilities have proved to be impressive both off-road as well as within city limits.


Design Features

The Outside: The look and feel remains the same in 2017— imposing with a strong dynamic stance that will discourage any pesky driver from cutting its path.  The well-proportioned exterior with it is distinctive front-end, wrap-around LED lights and fast windscreen angle give it an appealing, contemporary design touch. The ‘Discovery’ stamp badge in big bold letters on the bonnet and the tail gate helps create distinct branding for the Land Rover sub-brand.


The Inside: Overall inside, the cabin seems ergonomically sound with sharp horizontal and vertical design lines, great attention to detail and optimized for space. The cabin is well-built, with spacious interiors to accommodate up to seven adults. The use of high quality, soft touch materials provide a luxurious feel, and this coupled with the fixed front-opening panoramic sunroof further enhance the feeling of a light and airy interior. In other smart features, the Discovery boasts of intelligent versatility with keyless entry, dual zone climate control, an intelligent multimedia system and best-in-class storage solutions. With regard to safety features, it comes loaded with seven airbags, ABS, cruise control and reversing aid thanks to the front and back camera and proximity sensors.

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Engine and Performance:

Thanks to the new Ingenium engine, the ‘Sport’ drives like a dream. Available in two tune states, depending on the variants—the 7-seater HSE trim (7-seater) motor produces 150PS vis-à-vis 180PS produced in the HSE Luxury trim, and 382Nm of torque that peaks at 1,750rpm. Though 150PS may not sound like much, the power delivered by this baby is impressive. The motor is more refined, quieter but spirited. The four cylinder 2-litre diesel with a smooth shifting nine-speed torque converter automatic – makes 148bhp and 382Nm of peak torque. The Sports weighs in just under the two tonne mark, but contrary to its weight and power output, it still feels light and agile on the move. Claiming a top speed of 180kmph and a 0-100kmph time of a few decimals over 10 seconds, this SUV is definitely not slow or lethargic.

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Terrain handling capability

The Land Rover Discovery seems to be quite adept at handling city driving, with its suspension offering a good mix of ride and handling to smooth over every pothole and bump our Indian roads are known for.

Its off-road capabilities as prominently proclaimed by the Land Rover badge on the grille allow this 4-wheel drive to alter its characteristics to adaptto a particular terrain be it muddy, slippery or rocky.

Priced at approximately 60 lacs, the Land Rover Discovery Sport comes with an iconic name and great road presence, a great buy option for a city-friendly, off-roader vehicle.

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