“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

We take the aforementioned proverb very seriously. And hence, we make it a point to make use of every opportunity to celebrate whether its a birthday or a festival. While most of the folks plan out a grand vacation for themselves during the festive season, our mates celebrate these occasions with their Truebil fam and mind you, our festivities are LIT!

While our team apparently seems to be ‘left-brained’, our clichéd assumptions fell into the pit after witnessing their creative juices ooze out during the festivities. Each time, we plan a few activities, games and decorate our office to the point that it almost looks as if we just renovated 😝

Take Navratri for example. Apart from donning bright outfits, our team hosted a competition on Matka decoration.

Let me rephrase that. Our team hosted a VERY SERIOUS competition on Matka decoration. That precision needs some level of dedication guys!

But that’s not all. Soon came Diwali and for some reason, our Truefam had an itch to do things differently this year onwards.

Yellow lights, scented candles,

Wearing those traditional kurtas and colorful bangles,

Why pollute the streets when we can keep our homes so clean? 

This Diwali and the next, let us all pledge to go green!

Yes, our team made its humble effort to go green this Diwali and celebrate it to the fullest without harming the environment or scaring away the man’s most loyal friends in the neighborhood.

Surprised by the turnout? We were not. After all, Diwali is special and so is our family. Although what surprised us was the creativity of this intellectual bunch after we planned to challenge them with some origami crafts.

Result: Colourful paper boats, butterfly balls, infinity cubes and ummm, all sorts of animals in all sorts of colours. Of course, it’s impossible to pull this off without a great sense of teamwork. Isn’t that the core essence of such activities anyway? 

But our motto of having a ‘green’ Diwali would have been good-for-nothing if it weren’t for emplacing a few plants across the office bay. So we did. Looking at these cute little shrubs will make you go ‘Awww’! 

As our token of appreciation for this great squad, we distributed some delicious mithais and a jute bag full of goodies. Check it out.

Right after Diwali and before the decade ends, Christmas took over. The Santa’s day is very close to our hearts because it gives us an excuse to reminisce our childhood again. The Christmas songs, chocolates, decorating random plants to make them look almost like a Christmas tree and above all, Santa’s gifts. How special we used to feel with those presents wrapped up for us, no?

So Truebil thought of making its fam feel special again and relive those moments. Everyone knows about Secret Santa right? For those who don’t, it is a tradition where each employee gets appointed as a Santa for one of their colleagues. Duh! It is their duty to buy a beautiful gift for their colleagues. Only on the day of Christmas does everyone reveal who was who’s Santa. But what’s the fun if nobody with a thick white beard, red cap and a Santa suit comes and gifts you the presents by himself? So we made sure we have a TrueSanta in our bay 😉

Like we always say, everything is possible at Truebil!

Without a doubt, decorations, sweets, Christmas trees and jingle bells are must-have festivities. But we made sure to have our snacks and sweets with Mr. Claus before he ran off on his sleigh 😛 

We rewind 2019 with happiness, laughter and warmth! Wish you all a very Happy New Year in advance. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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