September saw Truebil making a foray into the Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru. Post our success in Mumbai, it was only natural for us to enter this city buzzing with auto enthusiasts.  For car lovers in the city, Truebil, being the only curated and verified marketplace for pre-owned cars, is a dream-come-true. With an offline store at Mantri mall and online operations, Bengaluru can now look forward to a reliable dealer for used cars.


Unlike other marketplaces that simply list cars, Truebil does thorough verification of a car before it’s allowed to be listed or sold. It allows buyers to shortlist and buy cars from an approved list of certified cars. If you are looking at buying a pre-owned car or selling your old one, here’s what you can expect from Truebil.



  1. You can list your vehicle after filling up a checklist online.
  2. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a call from us to verify the details and also set up an inspection.
  3. A comprehensive inspection is done as per a checklist that covers all aspects of your car, including its history and current status.
  4. If your car passes the inspection, you will receive a call again to recommend a selling price for your car. You have the option of either going by your own price or going by our suggestion. The car is listed after this.
  5. At Truebil, we offer you complete selling assistance, including an inspection, price recommendation, paperwork, etc, and help you sell your car at the earliest, at the best possible price.

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  1. You can surf through the site to find the car of your dreams. In case of any confusion, you can call our Toll-free number to ask for assistance in choosing a car.
  2. Since only inspected, verified and certified cars are listed on our site, you don’t have to worry about hidden history or inflated value. Moreover, for every car, 40 high resolution photos are uploaded so you can look at each and every part of the car and do not have to travel to see the car, a lifesaver in this busy metropolis.
  3. Do note that each car sold by Truebil is assigned a Truescore, based on its history and current status. This ensures complete transparency.
  4. At Truebil, we offer you all the assistance you need, including help with the paperwork. We are so confident about the cars sold through us that we offer a 1-year comprehensive service warranty, 1-year Roadside assistance, and a free service.

Having established itself as a trusted and credible marketplace for pre-owned cars in Mumbai, we at Truebil, have plans to move to all Tier-1 cities in the country. The Garden City is just the beginning!

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