Drunk driving is perhaps the single biggest cause of road accidents in India. And the problem gets worse during the festive season as the number of DUI cases and drunken driving related accidents reaches a peak. Be it Holi, Diwali, Christmas or the New Years’ eve, festivals seem to bring out the worse in the partying set. Nights spent binge-drinking change lives, not just of those in the car, but also of innocent bystanders. Over the last few years, the problem has assumed epic proportions and even after numerous efforts, the pattern repeats itself every year.

While the government has introduced stricter policies to curb the menace, a huge chunk of the responsibility lies with us, the people. Hence, we, at Truebil, decided to start an initiative to build awareness around the topic, create a buzz and help save lives. Thus was born the ‘I am Sober’ campaign.

The initiative

Many people are aware of the dangers of DUI and would opt to not drive drunk, only if they knew they were too drunk to drive. This is the category of people we wanted to target. We wanted to prevent these drivers from getting into their cars if they were too drunk (alcohol level above the legally permissible limit).

Specially aimed at the New Years’ Eve, the campaign took baby steps as we introduced it for those of our customers who bought cars from us on 31st December 2017. These customers were given breathalyzer-equipped car keys. The breathalyzer and the keys were both fitted with a nano-chip to ensure the car would unlock only if the driver’s alcohol consumption limit was within the legally permissible limit. We also kept drivers on call and sent them to pick up and drop off those of our customers who could not drive.

The entire exercise was advertised online, offline and via word-of-mouth, to ensure it reached the maximum number of people and impacted maximum lives.

The response

The campaign generated huge enthusiasm among-st our customers as well as the advertising fraternity and the general public, both on social media and off it. For us, however, the biggest kick came from knowing that the New Year began with joy, not tragedy, for the people we helped.

The takeaway

End of the year is a great season for the car market. With discounts and offers galore, people buy cars in droves – be it new or pre-owned. Hence, the manufacturers and dealers wield a lot of power. Using this power responsibly to create awareness and save lives is what separates the best from the rest. If even a single accident is averted, it affects more people than we can ever imagine! Thus, we are immensely proud and happy with the ‘I am sober’ campaign and the response it got. We hope to initiate many more such campaigns in the days to come.


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