Buying a used car doesn’t only mean exchange of car from the previous owner to the new one. Most importantly, it includes transfer of car documents to the new owner. Normally, paper transfer in the name of the new car owner is a complicated procedure marred by many lengthy formalities.

Truebil is well aware of this pain point and hence, handles paper transfer on behalf of its car buyer to give them a swift service. Using the easy steps mentioned in the figure above, Truebil streamlines the process of car documents transfer from its previous owner to the new owner.

Truebil team visits seller/ buyer and collects car papers from him. The team assists the seller and the buyer in filling relevant RTO forms which are then forwarded to RTO agents. The car papers are transferred in the name of the buyer and the complete process takes around 30 days to complete. At every point during the course of paper transfer Truebil team keeps sending updates of the progress. Chassis impression is taken on the day of the car deal.

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Truebil doesn’t simply sell cars. Truebil is one stop solution to all your used car needs.





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