Over the years, studies carried out by researchers and automotive experts have proved that the value of a new car falls drastically in the first year regardless of its make and model. Hence, smarter buyers opt for used cars to get a better car for the same money, and avail depreciation benefits. But often buyers find it daunting to pick and buy a pre-owned car of the highest quality, especially in a marketplace like India.

Truebil.com has launched an innovative program called Truebil Direct to help buyers choose and purchase pre-owned cars of the finest quality without worrying about the quality and the post-purchase blues. Truebil Direct is essentially a COCO (Company owned, company operated) store and all cars here are owned by Truebil. All the cars are  refurbished to ensure they are road-worthy and make the owner proud.

Truebil Direct allows buyers to assess the condition and performance of the car directly by requesting for a 20-minutes test drive. The entire purchasing process is simple and quick, without any need for prior appointments or unwanted negotiations.

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So What Makes Truebil Direct Different?

Lower Price

Truebil has already helped many customers buy high quality pre-owned cars at lower prices. The used car marketplace allows buyers to evaluate a wide range of cars through its website. Buyers can opt for Truebil Direct to buy trusted used cars at prices much lower than their current market prices.

High Quality, Single Owner

Each vehicle sold under the Truebil Direct program is owned and used by a single user. Single-owner cars are generally better maintained than multiple-owner cars. All cars sold under Truebil Direct have a Truescore of 4.0 or above, hence, the buyer is assured of a higher quality car.

20 Minute Test Drive

The buyer can assess the condition and performance of the pre-owned car personally by requesting for a test drive in 20 minutes flat. Truebil Direct enables buyers to test drive various vehicles before initiating the purchase process. Hence, a buyer can test drive the cars shortlisted by him, and choose the best one, without having to run around from one place to another.

Quick Ownership Transfer

While buying a pre-owned car, buyers often explore ways to simplify the ownership transfer process, and avoid unwanted negotiations. But all cars sold under the Truebil Direct program are owned by Truebil. Hence, the ownership transfer process is both quick and hassle-free.

Extended Service Warranty

The periodic maintenance required by individual car models differs. And pre-owned cars generally require more maintenance and support than new cars. Truebil Direct provides refurbished pre-owned cars to reduce the required maintenance and support. Also, buyers can enjoy an extended free service warranty for one year. The warranty enables users to avail roadside assistance and service anywhere without incurring additional expenses.

Truebil also helps buyers to obtain car loans, buy car insurance, and simplify paper transfer in a simple and convenient manner. A buyer can further visit Truebil.com to shortlist the used cars according to his needs and budget before assessing their quality and performance.

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