As a kid, cars always fascinated me. Driving around in my Dad’s Fiat was the best feeling in the world. Growing up, I dreamt of working for an automobile brand in the country. And after having worked for years in the advertising industry, an opportunity presented itself. It was the year 2016, when I first walked into the Truebil office for an interview. Back in the days, our office was a small setup comprising of not more than 60 people.

As I walked into one of the founder’s cabin, Mr.Shubh Bansal, I was expecting someone really old and stern to conduct my interview. To my surprise I was greeted by a 26 year-old IIITian who had an excellent knack for creativity and marketing. I was pleasantly surprised. Thankfully, my interview went really well. And I was on boarded into the world of start-ups with

The first thing I noticed after joining was how young the employees here were. Almost all the employees were under 30 including the founders, except a few others and me. However, the wisdom and agility displayed by these young passionate individuals was quite inspiring. Some of other things I noticed when I joined were how accessible the top management in the company was. And that holds true even till today. The agility and the multi-tasking abilities of the young and multi-cultural team were very admirable too.

Very soon I would discover that unlike other companies Truebil ensures there was a lot of fun and frolic for the employees too. Within a few months of me joining we had our first offsite trip to Alibaug. The trip was one of my most memorable excursions till date. And while this was happening we were also growing massively. With hiring being done almost everyday, Truebil needed to move to a bigger office. And that’s when ICC Chambers happened.

Truebil moved into a dazzling new office space that could give the likes of Zomato and Uber a run for their money. Spread across 9000 square feet of space with fun games such as Foosball, Table Tennis etc. a lavish new pantry, relaxing lounges and a whole lot of greenery; the new office was every employee’s dream. 

While Truebil was growing, so were our responsibilities. Being a creative head, I went from handling small little projects, to expensive big budgeted campaigns; we were aiming at becoming a big player in the used car automobile market. And a lot of work was being featured on major PR Platforms too.

The year 2017 was all about growth. And to spread our reach across the country, we also opened up swanky new offices in New Delhi and Bengaluru. In addition, our offline inventory Truebil Direct was growing too. From a mere 10 cars a month, we were now selling almost 100 cars every month.

With each new achievement we were gearing up for the F word in the startup industry. FUNDING. Somewhere towards the beginning of 2018, we started preparing for the next round of our funding; Series B. Boardrooms would be occupied for days. Investors would be walking in almost every week. And the employees were working hard to achieve better results while optimising resources. This went on for a few months. And then finally somewhere towards the end of 2018, we were given the big news. Truebil had received its Series B round of funding. The hard work of each employee had paid off. Our CEO, Mr.Suraj Kalwani and the rest of the founders were extremely pleased with the outcome, of course. And that meant another party!

After having spent a good 3 years at Truebil, I realise today why I love working here so much. The environment breeds passion, hard work and ambitions. Things are never forced down upon you here. It is for you to prove yourself. Targets aren’t set for you; you have to compete with yourself to achieve bigger success. The only discipline here is growth. For the company and yourself. How you achieve it, is up to you. I’m really thankful for the opportunity I was given, and no matter where I am in life I will always cherish the experience I had here in building my career.

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