Amidst much glitter and pomp, the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show was held between 12th and 22nd September. A lot of new cars, many refurbished models and innovations in automotive technology marked the event. Held once in two years, the 2019 version of the show saw game changers from international players and a surprising number of debuts by electric and hybrid cars. And like our selection of the top cars at Frankfurt every year, this year too, we bring to you the stars that shone bright.

Volkswagen ID.3 – This is the brand’s most sought after model after Beetle and Golf. Entering the all-electric era, ID.3 features a sleek, modern but minimalist and spacious interior with three battery options providing ample ranges. The triad of design, performance and pedigree captivated the public and enthused avid fans.

Land Rover Defender – The exemplary SUV from 1948 was upgraded to a modish avatar that can travel through deep water, go up steep climbs and drag almost 8000 pounds. It was a relief for Land Rover insiders when the new model was unanimously appreciated for its body style and engine power.

Porsche Taycan – The public appearance of Porsche’s new all-electric version retaining designing cues from the original Mission E concept exhibits its subtle power/performance-rich design. Representing the company’s electric future, the Taycan debuted in two variants with amazing range –  the Turbo S can sprint from 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds, an incredible feat considering its body weight. 

Cupra Tavascan – Another glamorous SUV, Cupra’s first attempt at going all-electric, Tavascan is a high-performance and dramatic-looking electric car. It is a showcase of transformed Cupra designing combining slenderness of a sports coupe with wide ground clearance. Visitors were awestruck by its concept of action, dynamics and drivability as per demand.

Lamborghini Sian – The Sian is designed with cues from Lamborghini Countach super car of 1970s and 1980s and is the first hybrid supercar from the brand. Its long and sculpted lines, the tunnel shaped roof and the hexagonal rear give the car a stunning image. Only 63 pieces of the model will be produced to retain its exclusivity. 

Honda E – A sporty compact car with minimalistic design for city life which can be parked anywhere, the model E was a hit with the youth. With a range of 220 km and a rear-wheel drive lay out, this is tailor-made for the young generation. This is going to be a car to look forward to because of its classical yet modern approach to size, spaciousness and styling.

Mercedes Vision EQS concept – The sleekest car of the lot, the EQS is an all-electric version of the next-gen S-class. The swaying lines, yacht inspired cabin, intelligent all-wheel drive and electric motored power define the vision presented by EQS. Spectators were enchanted by the its charm and functional description.

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