While 2018 has been a revolutionary year for the automotive industry, 2019 looks all set to create history. The current year has played its role by enhancing the future of transportation; combining latest technology with ever changing consumer tastes and ceaseless connectivity.


2018 now passes on the mantle to the upcoming year for shaping and transforming the automotive sector; safety being the keyword. Here is a list of top trends in automotive industry for 2019, where AI, voice control, tech rich cameras, savvy digitisation, autonomous driving will mould the driving experience.

  • Connected car – Smart driving will be the buzzword, with cars staying connected all through with the outside world; as well as with the driver and passenger, in order to ensure safety. Advanced vehicle-to-everything or V2X revolution will connect the driver, passenger and the car to maximum, providing a sense of close bondage. This technology will also play a significant role in the future of driverless cars. Most importantly, smartphone connectivity with car will become more prominent, especially with accessibility to car. 2019 will witness a strong fight for strengthening connectivity between cellular LTE standard driven by 5GAA and short range communication utilising WiFi IEEE standard, 802.11p.


  • Autonomous driving – Autonomous driving to avoid human error as well as improve driver awareness will be seen in 2019. Camera monitoring system will take the place of mirrors to broaden the driver’s view. Also to improve ADAS features, sensor integration will incorporate information from camera, radar and ultrasonic systems; whereas inside car cameras will facilitate driver monitoring to identify the cause of distraction.


  • Electrification of cars – With regards to campaigns throughout the world, auto manufacturer are reinventing and renovating engines for low emissions. 2019 will notice- a) enhancement of combustion engine efficiency, b) electrification of mechanical parts to make hybrids, c) design and manufacture of fully electric cars. To achieve the above, emphasis has to be given on, i) 100% error-free sensors and exhaust management centres to improvise combustion engine activity ii) helping the combustion engine to lessen emission in light hybrid cars; 48-V battery to power starter and traction inverters have to be produced instead of 12-V battery, iii) provision to handle powerful on-board chargers, high voltage battery packs, converters, along with traction inverters in electric cars, iv) wireless charging, increased on-board charging power, quick charging stations.


  • Going digital – The driver rules the car while controlling from the central command centre which is also known as integrated cockpit. The central command centre will get pure digital makeover through gesture control digital cockpit. Remarkable innovations in audio for sculpting sound will be key points of vehicles in 2019. The upcoming year will view renewal of powered seats with personalized features and climate control.


  • AI and cars – The coming year expects automakers to produce models incorporating AI to ensure safety of passengers as well as vehicle. The safety features provided by AI embedded cars are a) identifying and speculating human behaviours b) perceiving driver attentiveness c) development of perception in recognising object. The data exchange of connected cars can give exact details about traffic, parking and much more, enabling enhanced road efficiency.  These can be attained by engaging the software into the infotainment system of the vehicle as a virtual image responding to the voice command. This will not only help in giving information but also assist in driving. Acquiring smart phone features, it can download apps and manage personal notes too.
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