From the Benz Patent Motor Car, the first automobile that was created in 1885–1886 to the Aska Concept Hybrid Flying Car of today, the auto industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last century and half.

And while technology has advanced beyond belief, automating even driving itself, the fact is the features that are the most convenient in a car may be the simplest ones. So, here’s our expert’s list of the top 7 convenience features available in most cars today.

  • Automatic windows – Taken for granted today, automatic windows were a rarity in the ‘90s. You had to manually go to each seat and roll down the windows. Compare that to your current car where you just have to press buttons to open all windows. A boon when you want to let in some fresh air or let out some bad odour from the car, automatic windows are perhaps the most loved convenience feature in all cars.
  • Automatic transmission – This is especially useful in a country like ours where traffic congestion is the norm. Moving between gears repeatedly is a killer for the knees and ankles. No wonder automatic cars are getting increasingly cheaper and popular.
  • Keyless/Remote start – Originally a part of only the high-end cars, keyless start has become a standard feature in many cars today. Circumventing the need to actually put the key in, these are a huge hit not just for the novelty factor but also because they have made it much more convenient to start a car and stop it.
  • Rear defogger – Condensation on the front windshield can be cleared by using the blower. But the rear windshield has always posed a problem, especially during monsoons and winters when it tends to fog up. The rear defogger, which is a regular feature in many cars today, came as a blessing, helping clear the fog and improve visibility.
  • Rear Parking Sensor – Though this is not a standard feature in entry-level cars yet, most manufacturers are gradually admitting the necessity of this feature. Helping park cars in areas with small parking spaces, these are a must-have for all those who hate parking!
  • Central Locking – A single click or push that locks all doors of the car was a dream till a few decades back, but is a de facto feature in all cars today. The ease and simplicity of being able to lock the entire car from one place is unbeatable.
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