They say a car loses 15-20% of its value the minute it exits the showroom of dealer. Seems strange? But it’s true.

Because once a car not “new” it automatically becomes slightly used! Even if that slight use is to just drive it from the showroom to the main road.


Used cars in Mumbai are no longer someone’s really old, shabby, on-its-last-legs kind of vehicles. Most of us have moved on from that lifestyle where everything was used until it was about to break down. We now see people selling their slightly used vehicles because they want to trade it in for something more exciting.


Since the beginning of times used car market in Mumbai has been fraught with multiple challenges- it is a market that has literally been on the fringes of the economy with all transactions occurring under a cloud of suspicion. The industry is not standardized and there is a huge possibility of ending up with a lemon because the dealer, the seller, even your mechanic- no one knows (or wants to disclose) the truth about the vehicle.


But slowly things are changing for good and we have a couple of solid reasons why you should buy a second hand car:


It’s all about your dear money, honey!


Resale value: The depreciation on an old car is much lesser than a new car, because most of the depreciation occurs in the first 1-2 years of a car’s life. After that, its all smooth sailing.


Pay less on insurance: The amount of money you spend on insuring your slightly used car is way lesser than what you would spend on a brand new car. The depreciated value of the car automatically translates into a lower insurance premium.

Warranty: A lot of pre-owned cars come with extended warranty, especially if they are just a year or two old.

Reliability: Since a lot of the latest car models offer really long life-spans, even second hand cars can be a long term investment.


Used car with certification: A used car that is sold by a reputed brand  like Truebil have engineers who inspect all cars and certify its authenticity before selling. So, you can rest easy as you drive out with the car of your dreams.


Customization: It does take some money to touch-up a pre-owned car, but it lends you the freedom to let your imagination grow wings. Use some of the money you saved in not buying a new car- and spend it on a paint job, new car seats, maybe even a sexy music system.


Now that you know all the pros of buying a second-hand car, we hope your dilemma is sorted.
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