It is time to bid farewell to the car that has been a part of your life for the last few years. Whatever the reason for selling it maybe, it becomes imperative that you write a good quality ad for it so that you can get maximum returns from the sale of the car.


Let us look at a few tips that will help you in drafting the best possible advertisement for your car.


Some do’s:

  • Choose the best ad package available from a plethora of options – be it in the print media or online. Always select that package that suits your needs the best. Enquire whether there are discounts for multiple postings of the same ad or if the rates can be economical on certain days of the week, etc.
  • Provide the best possible description – The model, the make, the year of manufacture are just a few key details that need to be mentioned in the ad compulsorily. These help buyers to know exactly if your car suits them.
  • Post at least 4-5 good photographs – Photographs are an essential feature of the ad and these give the ad a lot more credibility than just words that describe the car. Post pictures giving different views of the car – front and rear, interior and exterior, etc.
  • Keep it truthful – There is no point lying while writing an ad. It is just going to be a waste of time. Buyers will know the truth anyway and it will dent the trust factor that buyers have of you.
  • Project your car’s USP or the Unique Selling Point – What was the one reason why you purchased this car in the first place? Was it mileage or was it the boot space that provided plenty of storage or was it the sturdiness of the car? Think about it and focus on this particular point to push your car sale.
  • List your price – Neither overestimate nor underestimate the car. Say honestly, what you expect from the sale. Also, mention if the price is fixed or whether you are open to negotiation. It would also be helpful to the buyer what payment option you would prefer – cash, cheque or online transfer.
  • Mention the reason why you are selling – A buyer will always want to know why you plan to sell your car. The question that a buyer will logically ask is, “If it is as good as you claim it to be, then why are you getting rid of it?” So keep your reason clear and truthful.
  • Disclose issues that may need repair – If you think there is any aspect of the car that needs to be fixed, do tell the buyer. Nobody likes rude surprises.


Some dont’s:

  • Do not quote two different prices for the same car in case you are advertising it in two different papers or websites.
  • Do not overprice your car.
  • Do not keep changing the price of the car. Buyers are less likely to take you seriously.

The car that has remained with you for a while, be it two years or ten, is still going to be special to you. Now that you are saying adieu to it, it deserves the same love and affection that it received when it came into your life. Do it a favour, write the best ad so that it will be picked up by a good human being who will take care of it as much as you did.


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