Although it’s definitely a pleasure to own a car that has all the latest technology ingrained in it, but it can be intimidating as well. Most of the time, you suffer from a mental block; thinking that mastering the new technology is beyond your capability. But that is far from true. The manufacturers would never think of integrating any kind of technology that the common man would not be able to fathom. So, stop dreading and be confident that it is just a matter of time before you learn it all. Here are some tips to help you do it.

Keep an open mind – Instead of getting confused or being afraid of how to use the features, you should be open to learning. Ask and get all the information necessary for enhancing your understanding regarding your car’s operation. After all, turning on the car radio was also a big task a few decades ago!

Begin from your phone – When your phone is paired with your car’s audio system through Bluetooth, it results in disclosing many of the tech features. It will enable you to choose songs, receive messages and download contacts easily. You can learn it from online tutorials or by reading the manual.

Give yourself time – Learn slower to avoid frustration. You should not rush to get all automotive information at once. After all, Rome was not built in a day! Remember – slow and steady wins the race.

Go through the owner’s manual – The car manual today is no longer an exhaustive source of information; car makers have segregated the entire manual into separate booklets. This is helpful for the learner as you can get into the desired section and go through it. The “Getting Started” guide describes all the functions in simple language. You can easily spend an hour inside the car with this booklet, practising the controls, follow it word by word and master it all. You can also access manuals available online by providing your VIN.

Ask for help – Direct all your queries to the salesman while buying the car or the dealer too can provide assistance, if you have already bought the car. Besides that you can get information from – Manufacturer’s website furnishing you with tutorials, glossaries and FAQ for specific model.

  • Get technical help from experts over phone or from delivery specialist at dealerships.
  • You Tube videos
  • Owners of same model as ours
  • Vehicle user forums – you have to type your car model and manufacturing year in the user forum to get accurate feedback and information.

Bottom-line is Safety – Before going for a ride it is necessary to get acquainted with all the buttons or else you may face consequences while in traffic. In short, knowing the tech features is not only for convenience but also for your safety. Most of the features have been included to give you better safety on the roads, so it is to your advantage to master them soon.

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