Cost, mileage, brand, looks, category – anyone looking to buy a new car always has a list of points to check before making a final decision. While most of these lists are comprehensive, very rarely will you find anyone paying attention to that most important of all factors – the interior. Giving a cursory look at the inside of the car just to be sure that it looks good and stylish, buyers move on to the ‘more important’ parameters.

It is true that the body structure, engine, features, design, and fuel efficiency are all crucial points to ponder before deciding. But the inside of the car is where you will spend a larger part of your lives. Hence, it’s critical to ensure that the interior of the car is perfect for your needs.

Comfort and functionality – Be it the driver’s seat or the passenger seats, check the positioning of the seat, any unpleasant pressure points, the material etc. so that you can spot probable issues that might crop up in the long run.

Things to look for –

  1. Do the seats ensure suitable lumbar support and
  2. Are the driver’s seat and the steering wheel adjustable
  3. Does the car have heated seats
  4. Is there any back massage facility in the driver seat.
  5. How effective is the air conditioning

A spacious Boot – Present-day cars are equipped with lots of configuration choices related to seats and boot space. Check the capacity of the boot space and compare it with others in the category.

Child-friendly – Children’s needs should be taken into account while buying a new car for the family. Hence, address concerns like whether it is convenient for children to reach the passenger seat, is the door function simple enough for them to operate, are the child locks easy to operate and will the rear electric windows be disabled if needed, etc. It is equally important to check whether a child will be able to look out of the windows and access anything required in urgency. Young adults need plenty of legroom. Provision for seat boosters, along with effortless installing and removal is essential for younger kids. If the child is going to sit in the front then you should check if the passenger side airbags can be deactivated or not.

Good for a long journey – The interior should be travel-friendly, providing relaxation, comfort, and security. Proper USB sockets for charging the phone, iPad and torch are essential. High-quality music systems will help in breaking the monotony of a long drive. Heated seats, automatic climate control, in-seat massage, armrests, and cup-holders are luxuries that are high in demand.

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