Continuous innovation in the automotive sector has led to features in cars today that were unthinkable a few years back. Power windows, deemed regular features in most cars today, were a dream a decade back. Sat nav, parking sensors, one-touch ignition… the list goes on and on.

As a result, today a car is much more than a means of transport ferrying us from one place to another. It is a playground for adults; auto enthusiasts love to see new features, newer technologies every year. And we are no different. So while our dream of self-driving cars may be a distant dream on Indian roads, and flying cars may not be possible at all, there are some high-tech features we would love to see in all segments this year.



Voice Control

 In the chaotic traffic and rigors of our daily lives, it would be great to have a car that is controlled by voice. Voice-controlled ignition to start with, so we don’t have to fidget even with the push button ignition. Voice control synced with the sophisticated infotainment system on our car so we can just talk and the car will do what we need to. Changing gears and getting our kids to do their homework can wait for a few more years. This year we will be happy if our car can make calls, send messages, surf the net and read it out and play songs, all at a single command of our voice.



Innovation in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity

Most new cars are equipped with bluetooth which seamlessly plays music from your phone and connects calls even while you are on the move. Some fancy features can be added to existing bluetooth functions, like staying connected to your car through an app which can start the engine, precondition the cabin and play your favourite music even before you reach the car. A camera that would click a photo of the car and send it to you before you reach, so you know if the car is safe to get into. Built-in WiFi that turns the car into a hotspot. So you can connect several devices, play music, stream videos and surf the net with no worries about the dying battery or spiralling data cost on your mobile phones.



Apple CarPlay and Android compatibility


The urge to stay connected is not just limited to phone calls and text messages. Being able to connect to apps while driving has become a growing need. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility in cars that can connect through the infotainment systems and provide access to a variety of apps with much ease. In fact, this is not really a distant dream. This feature is already being offered in luxury cars abroad and it is only a matter of time before it reaches our soil and is available to the common man, not just the elite.



While some of these dreams may be close to being realised, the nagging issue is these futuristic features may be incorporated only in the higher end luxury brands for now. So the final wish is for these technologies to be adapted universally, in all segments. Breaking the barrier between the rich and the poor.

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