The French automobile giant Renault is no stranger when it comes to breaking new ground. A trailblazer in the field of Formula racing and motorsports, Renault’s work on mathematical curve modeling was also, in a way, responsible for the development of the computer graphics industry. And while Renault might not have been faring too well in the Indian automotive market lately, it was only a matter of time before Renault made a strong comeback in the country. Judging by the cars lined up for release by Renault in the coming year, we think that time is now! Here’s taking a look at some of the cars soon to be launched by Renault in India.


Renault Triber

One of the most talked about launches from Renault in recent times is the Triber, formerly also known as the RBC. The French automaker even released a teaser regarding the Triber, expected to be launched by the end of the third quarter of 2019, and promoted by the hashtag #BeTheTribe. Believed to include a number of segment-firsts, such as a removable seat in the third row, the engine is expected to be similar to that of the Kwid, albeit better tuned.


Renault Kwid EV

With most of the key players in the automotive market taking a plunge into the EV sector, Renault couldn’t have been expected to stay too far behind either. Ever since the EV version of the Kwid was showcased as ‘K-ZE’ at the 2019 Auto Shanghai exhibition in the month of April, there have been talks of the Kwid EV being prepared for release in the Chinese and Indian markets. Expected to have a powertrain with a considerable range of about 250km, the Kwid EV should carve a path for other EVs to be launched by Renault in the country as well.

Renault Zoe

Speaking of EVs, the Renault Zoe concept which was first showcased to the Indian public at the 14th Auto Expo last year in February is another EV set to be launched in the country very soon. With a stylish, sporty exterior, some really impressive acceleration capabilities and an incredible range of about 400km, the Renault Zoe will perhaps be a game changer for the French automobile giant. Renault, however, is expected to wait for the EV infrastructure in the country to improve a bit further before launching the Zoe in India.


Renault HBC

With cars in the sub-4 metre SUV segment selling like hotcakes in India, Renault has decided to make its move as well with the HBC. Based on the CMF modular architecture developed jointly by Renault and Nissan, the HBC is expected to sport either a 1.0L petrol engine or a 1.5L diesel one. Having launched top-selling SUVs such as the Duster in the past, the expectations from Renault in terms of the HBC (to be launched by the end of the third quarter next year) will be pretty high.

Renault Arkana

Coming back a full circle to the topic of trailblazing, the Arkana being developed by Renault is a trendsetter in more ways than one. Built keeping in mind a coupe-crossover, the Arkana is being promoted as one that moves as gracefully as a sedan, while still being as sturdy as an SUV. Expected to rival the likes of the BMW X4 and the BMW X6 in India, the Arkana will either be powered by a 1.3L turbocharged petrol engine (jointly developed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance along with Mercedes-Benz) or a 1.5L Blue dCi motor for the diesel version. The Renault Arkana is expected to be launched in India by early next year and we just can’t wait for it to arrive.

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