For an average Indian household, buying a new car is a magical experience. While India is now a country with a booming automobile industry and we have an array of luxury cars to pick from, most of us aren’t lucky enough to afford these expensive wheels, or may not even want to shell out all that money for a car.


Luckily for us, used car sales in India has now picked up, specially with the onset of online marketplaces like There is greater acceptability for pre-owned cars and why not? Due to increasing incomes, an average middle class house can now afford a 3-4 year old pre owned car in a great condition from a trusted dealership. However, just like everything else, buying used cars has both pros and cons.



  1. One of the biggest advantages of buying a used car is that we can afford the car of our choice at a much lower price. In fact, we can buy a bigger car for the budget we have. In fact, online marketplaces like offer reliable cars that are certified and come with a warranty.
  2. New cars depreciate at a much faster rate and hence by buying a used car, we do not lose due to this depreciation.
  3. Insurance is lower on a pre-owned car than a new one, so you save money on the insurance also.
  4. Once you have decided on buying a used car, for the budget you have, you will have a wider range of options available in the used car marketplace than you would have in the new car segment. So you can pick and choose the car you want.


Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift



  1. With the increasing ease of buying a used car, it has become easier to dupe the customer too. Before buying pre owned car always check everything about the car from the parts to its history and the papers.
  2. Money lenders and banks are usually reluctant to finance used cars or they charge a larger interest on them as compared to new cars.


Buying a car is a huge decision and must be taken after due diligence. If you are buying a used car, given the massive number of online portals available, it’s wiser to opt for one of the trusted ones, like


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