Embarking upon the mission to drive a car and procure a license in a city like Mumbai was a challenge in itself. However, with my strong determination coupled with motivation from encouraging friends, I managed to achieve the insurmountable (by my standards) and accomplish the Herculean task after two unsuccessful attempts.


Once the license was all mine, I decided to buy a truly beautiful car. In fact, I had taken it as a challenge to buy a good car only after getting my license. I logged on to truebil.com and gifted myself a good sedan at an amazing price. The next weekend, armed with courage from my license, goodwill from my friends and the confidence that comes from a good car, I set off on the drive of a lifetime.


Even experienced drivers balk at the idea of driving in Mumbai. And for a new driver, it’s even more of a nightmare. So, for this maiden drive, I decided to weave my way out of the city and into the land beyond, with my trusted friends for company.


While my friends were busy concealing their nervousness, I demonstrated extreme confidence in my driving prowess. More so because we started off early morning and did not have to maneuver through traffic snarls and endless vehicles on the roads. Pretty soon we were on the Mumbai Pune Expressway and I started feeling like a bird ready to fly, breaking free from the shackles of traffic congestion. As the car hit the the fifth gear finally, it was a liberating feeling to be at the wheels, with total control over the car.


The smooth roads, relatively disciplined fellow drivers and an amazing car made for a wonderful long drive. The mesmerizing natural waterfalls and greenery along the way was a visual treat. Driving on the expressway is a completely different feeling post-July and I was lucky to have this pleasure on my first independent drive. My friends were generously appreciative of my newly acquired skills and I literally bloated with a sense of pride and accomplishment. The fact that I did not have to focus on the clutch and gear constantly thanks to the freeway, made the drive effortless and gave me even more confidence. For the first time I crossed 100 on my speedometer without any hiccups from my new car and we celebrated with a pit-stop at Khandala for a sumptuous lunch.


The long drive was therapeutic and a much needed break from the congested roads of the maximum city. One cannot even think of such a pleasant drive in Mumbai where 28 lakh odd vehicles fight it out for a small share of the road. The relaxing experience made us think aloud about the possibilities of deriving similar pleasures of driving in the city limits. If only we had better roads, more organized driving skills and adherence to traffic rules – driving long distances in the city would be agreeable.


But traffic conditions apart, a car with good ergonomics that drives well and supports you is all that a driver seeks for the sheer pleasure of driving. Nothing to beat a smooth running engine to get us through the potholes and zoom past the narrow margins on the road. And thanks to Truebil, I have that reliable companion, a trusted partner. Here’s looking forward to many more such exhilarating experiences in life.



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