Hint 2: International Yo___ Day!

No, not Yoga! It’s International Youth Day! Imagine, there is a day dedicated for us youngsters! And here I thought we are just part of the perpetual ice-breaker for the Gen-X  ‘I tell you, ye aaj kal ke bachhe…’. 

But it seems that we are actually taken quite seriously. Not only by our country but by the entire world. I don’t know about you but had I known about this day earlier, I would have surely flooded my Instagram with motivational quotes underlined with #youth #changemakers #youthempowerment #wearethefuture.

Anyway, the International Youth Day was introduced by the United Nations in the year 2000 to draw everyone’s attention to some of the cultural and legal issues surrounding the world’s 1.8 billion strong youth population. But for us, it is just another excuse to partaayy! 😉 🙂

And hence, our thoughtful company Truebil found the best way to celebrate this day! Since the majority of our team consists of engineers who have spent the entire youth playing Counter Strike, we decided to conduct a championship. If you haven’t heard of this game before, I feel sorry for you. Because this is the most popular and an all-time favourite ‘leisure activity’.

Look at our boys going for that kill! Don’t be fooled by the calmness on their face. These pictures are deceiving that way. During the entire duration of the tournament, we were just afraid that our office does not become an actual arena for these soldiers to kill each other.

And that wasn’t all. While all the employees were blowing away their Monday blues, our Co-founder and CTO, Ritesh Pandey joined the clan and shot some nostalgia shots.

While our soldiers were at war saving hostages, the rest of them found their love in sports. And how! I witnessed a 30-shot table tennis rally myself! Who knew we had so much talent under one roof?

Inshallah, boys played well! And so did our girls. I would suggest that you assemble your gear as well and get on board with the celebration. After all, it’s an occasion to be proud of.

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