Maruti Suzuki’s latest reveal of a mid-life update for Alto 800 has generated much curiosity among budget auto enthusiasts. The industry ruler has always stood tall in the market regardless of better equipped cars from rival manufacturers. Now, with the new improved Alto, which was, in fact, necessitated due to the revised emission and safety regulation rules by the govt, Maruti is set to conquer more hearts in the budget car segment.

Comparing the 2019 Alto with the Alto 800, there is a clear indication of Maruti’s intention to present a future ready model.


The 2019 model is decked up in 5 variants contrary to earlier 6 and fulfills the End of life Vehicles condition with more than 95% restorable and 85% renewable components. Except a 15mm stretched length in the form of the front improved bumper, the exterior is more or less what it was earlier. With the absence of fog lamps, overhauled top grille, and unaffected headlamps, the 2019 model might look similar yet is quite different. Rear parking sensors respect the forthcoming safety norms that will come into effect from 1st July. Replacing the blazing red color, Maruti has introduced an Uptown red to give a suave appearance to its new model and modish experience to the owner.


The interior of the 2019 model is in a dual-tone color scheme, has a new dashboard, stylish infotainment system, and an acquired cluster similar to the K10.  The 2-din audio system with Bluetooth connectivity replaces the single-din of the older version. In short, a familiar interior with the innovative approach of the new model will help the 2019 Alto stand out in the segment.


Maruti has adhered to its promise of producing environmentally friendly vehicles with its new Alto, creating history as the first entry-level hatchback wearing a BS 6 engine.  With the same engine, torque and transmission as the Alto 800 and minor compromise in mileage, the 2019 Alto will be emitting 25% less nitrogen oxide.


Differentiating itself from its older version, the 2019 Alto is equipped with all necessary features to meet the upcoming stringent safety norms and also features like ABS, speed alert and reverse parking sensors.


With all these changes, it is obvious that the new model will have a higher price. Ranging between Rs 2.93 lakh to Rs 3.71 lakh, the 2019 Alto is poised to conquer the market, like its predecessor. In that way at least, the carmaker hopes there will be no change!

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