Electric vehicles have taken a giant leap forward with the launch of Rapide E, Aston Martin’s first EV in alliance with Williams Advanced Engineering.Deciding to chase the future and establish itself as a frontrunner in the EV segment, the company has created the Rapide E as an embodiment of an aspirational future. The 2019 Shanghai motor show witnessed this future ruler of electrification of the automotive sector. And very soon it is going to be James Bond’s first all-electric car.


Stupefying Power under the Hood

Aston’s amazing effort in providing 800V lithium-ion battery pack replacing 5.9-litre V12 engine is an eye opener strategy towards creating eco-friendly automotive. Delicately wrapped in carbon fibre and Keylar, the battery pack powers twin electric motors staged on the rear axle. With its magnificent acceleration and perfect charging time, Rapide E is bound to be a show stealer.

Green and Exclusive

Aston’s pledge to win hearts in the electric segment has led to the creation of this dream. Maintaining some of its traditional approach aesthetically yet sharing certain new styling pattern with the latest Rapide AMR, the E’s attempt to showcase its legacy is crystal-clear. The dramatic alteration of the rear diffuser and underbody to cleanse the airflow, the special alloy wheels and the blue-tinted carbonfibre ingredient flecked around the exterior – all work together to give it an identity of its own. The vehicle claims a wonderful torque with its unbeatable on-board charging provision or a suitable charger and chassis modulation, making it a win-win. It has been refurbished with a new 10-inch screen showcasing all the EV-centric essential information. Also, using carbon-fibre extensively inside cabin to aid body weight reduction is a clever act by the brand.


One year to go

Aston Martin is all set to get Rapide E on the roads in 2020 but has restricted it to just 155 samples. Symbolising a new era and the hope of a greener earth, the car is the world’s first zero emission car in the luxury segment. Here’s hoping more luxury carmakers follow suit.

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