The China International Automobile Exhibition, also known as the Guangzhou International Motor Show or the Auto Guangzhou, one of the largest automotive exhibitions in China and the region, saw the unveiling of an SUV this year that perhaps has more luxury to offer than the suite room of a 5-star hotel. While the segment is generally known for its engine power, more than comfort or style, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC is all set to change the rules.

With plush interiors and even a design that mouths ‘first-class’, the GLS 600 is powered under the hood by a single mild-hybrid 4.0-litre V8 engine that produces 550hp of power and 538lb-ft of torque, allowing it to clock a 0-60 in an impressive 4.8 seconds. And if that wasn’t enough power for you, Mercedes has gone ahead and introduced, for the first time too, a 48-volt onboard EQ Boost with an integrated starter generator that takes the performance of the Maybach to a whole new level. This has been done, keeping in mind the company’s drive towards electrification and hybridisation of its models.  

The GLS 600 has been intricately designed on the outside as well, with its distinctive pinstriped chrome grille that has vertical louvers and chrome detailing around the side windows. There are automated anti-slip running boards on the sides of the SUV that open as soon as the rear doors are opened. Even the rims have been specially designed for the GLS 600, just to add that extra bit of luxury. And the two-toned paintjob on the Maybach is available in 8 different colour options. Now, if you thought this was enough luxury, wait till you hear about all the detailed attention to comfort Mercedes has given to the interior of the car.

The GLS 600 has an electronically controlled sunroof with opaque roller blinds that come standard with every trim. The interiors are insulated, meaning that you’ll barely be able to hear the powerful engine humming beneath the hood. There is the option of the trunk area being partitioned off as well. The SUV also boasts of a two-way in-car communication system that allows passengers in the front and the rear to communicate more efficiently and easily.

While the trims are made from aged wood veneer, the upholstery is plush and made from nappa leather, with the seats in the rear acting as recliners when needed. Apart from having a heated and ventilated massaging function in them, the seats in the front also have a special feature called ‘energizing seat kinetics function’ that ensures that the driver and the co-passenger remain alert throughout the drive by continuously changing the inclination of the cushions by a slight measure.

Between the two seats in the rear, there are temperature controlled cup holders and a console that provides passengers in the back access to the infotainment system as well. There is also the option of a refrigerator and if you’re feeling a bit more aristocratic, you could also opt for silver champagne flutes to be added to the space between the seats in the rear. The GLS 600 quite literally makes you feel the luxury, with its state-of-the-art tech controlling the ambience in the cabin too.

If the car finds the air quality in the cabin starting to degrade, the air recirculation mode is automatically turned on and the windows rolled up. The ‘Air Balance’ package also pumps negative ions into the cabin, so as to purify the air inside and comes with a number of fragrance options as well. The GLS is set to release in China, USA, India and other markets next year and we cannot wait to see this exquisite piece of luxury on wheels gleaming in the showrooms and our roads soon.

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