Since the last few months, ads run by major car manufacturers show a growing emphasis on after-sale services. The focus is as much on the quality of service as on the looks and features of a new launch. Some companies even offer an extended warranty period to tempt the customers.


According to the J D Power 2016 India Customer Service Index, “Honda and Maruti Suzuki rank highest in satisfaction, in a tie, with after-sales customer service among mass market brands, each with a score of 901.” The study depicts an impressive improvement in the service satisfaction in the mass market segment in India. To quote from the report, “Overall service satisfaction in the mass market segment in India improves by 14 points to 880 on a 1,000-point scale in 2016 from 866 in 2015. Overall satisfaction in the West region is 900, while overall satisfaction in the North region is 857.” Perhaps this is the reason the larger car manufacturers are focusing extensively on after sales service to promote and sell their vehicles.


Experts Believe Emphasis on Post-Sales Services Was Long Overdue

The professionals operating in new and refurbished car marketplace believe that the emphasis on post-sales services was long overdue. In the age of constant innovations and growing competition, the car manufacturers must provide superior after-sales services to incentivise car buyers and increase revenues.

A number of studies have also shown how the quality of after-sales services provided by the manufacturer or seller directly impact the satisfaction level of customers. The smarter buyers always opt for vehicles complemented by regular maintenance and check-ups. Hence, the quality of after-care service provided by the manufacturer or seller determines the market share of a particular brand or model of car.


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Quality of After Sales Services Affect a Vehicle’s Market Share

As mentioned earlier, the quality of after sales services provided by the manufacturers affects both customer satisfaction level and market share of the car. According to the J D Power 2016 India Customer Service Index, Maruti Suzuki provides better after sales services than other car manufacturers in India. The high quality after sales services contributes immensely to the number of cars sold by the company in 2016.

According to the Car Manufacturer Sales MIS and Market Share for July 2016, “Maruti Suzuki: Presented its all-time high of 1.26 Lakh units sold in India. This is the highest ever sales by Maruti Suzuki and its entire new range of cars – Baleno, Vitara Brezza are doing amazingly well. Its Market Share also improved to 48.4% in Passenger Car Segment indicating high reliability and trust on Maruti Suzuki Cars.” At the same time, poor quality of after sales services made many leading car manufacturers struggle for sales in 2016.

Considering the significance of after-sales service, specially in India, manufacturers must focus on service quality to boost the sales of their vehicles. The long-overdue focus on this critical factor by manufacturers is being welcomed by consumers and seen as a move that finally has the customers’ interests at heart.

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