The subject of many childhood fantasies, flying cars do not belong to dreams anymore. A seemingly impossible concept is now close to reality, thanks to the marvels of Science. The Dutch company PAL-V International, set up in 2001 to create an aircraft that could also be driven on the roads, has announced the launch of its flying car – The PAL-V.



Inspired by nature and engineered by man, the PAL-V Liberty is a ground-breaking product, a truly revolutionary one. A merger between fun and safety, the PAL-V is the ultimate dream machine for auto enthusiasts, a realisation of childhood dreams. However, it’s practical too. Thanks to the patented technologies, the dimensions of the PAL-V Liberty do not exceed those of a regular car. It therefore blends perfectly with everyday road traffic yet offers a new line of mobility. Amongst the many unique features, the PAL-V Liberty has two distinct attributes that set it apart from all other concepts:

  • The lift is created by a wind powered rotor, making the PAL-V Liberty float in the air. The secret behind it being the safest and easiest flying vehicle on the market is that it takes gyroplane principle to the next level.
  • The three-wheel design and soft tilting motion in curves makes it unique joy ride to fly and drive with unequalled freedom of mobility.


  • The sky is no longer the limit- Switch between drive and fly mode for the best option to reach your destination or to enjoy the journey.
  • Increase productivity while having fun- FlyDriving the PAL-V Liberty gets you faster to your business, your client or your family.
  • Designed for those whole who value time – Time is all we have. Indian roads are famous for nasty traffic. So the PAL-V Liberty sets you free you from the chaotic traffic, letting you regain control of your travel schedule.
  • Engineered to beat the weather- the PAL-V Liberty is designed to outsmart the weather and drive to where visibility is fine and take off again. Combining the best features of driving and flying.
  • Park literally anywhere- PAL-V Liberty has been created as the most compact flying car possible that can be parked anywhere including an indoor parking garage.

PAL-V in India


The Netherlands-based company recently bagged a patent in India for a personal land and air vehicle. The first deliveries are expected to be around 2018-19 and would be priced 3.79 crores approximately. However, booking can be done for the limited edition right now, only a maximum of 5 such limited edition vehicles are available for India. After the launch of PAL-V Liberty in India, the company would work with local companies for sales and maintenance.


The company said it has received interests from government institutions, hospitals and the tourist sector. Certain companies have shown interest in using PAL-V for tourist mobility and sightseeing applications. Driving and flying with the same vehicle opens up a complete new set of applications people until now could only dream of.

The challenges, of course, are many. Licenses for the car need to be sought from multiple agencies. Air traffic clearances will be tough to get. Will the driver need to also acquire flying experience? How will the insurance work? These are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered before the dream machine becomes a reality in the country.

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