One of the biggest festivals of the year, Diwali is a celebration of lights and prosperity. While traditionally people clean their homes and decorate their porches to welcome Goddess Laxmi, Truebil had a plan of their own. Rather than waiting in our balcony, we headed to ‘Dreamz Home’ to meet chirping, little girls resembling miniature figurines of Laxmi.


Dreamz Home is an orphanage for girls located in Malad East and is managed by the Social Development Cell. When we arrived there we were greeted by the owner, Mr. Manohar and his staff. They took us to a hall where scores of small girls were holding notebooks and pens in their hands taking down lesson from their teacher. We took permission and sat down with them on the floor helping them solve math sums. Without our realizing we became good friends with those kids in the process of going through the division and multiplication tables. In a matter of no time they were telling us about their friends and school, their favourite movies and actors.


Mr. Manohar told us that Dreamz Home has been providing its charitable service for last 8 years. He takes in female infants and young girl children who are orphans and brought by police or left by single parents who cannot afford to take care of their children. The staff in place comprising of three ladies take care of their food, hygiene and homework. The children go to school every day and tutors come in the evening to impart them English, Math and embroidery lessons.


Mr. Manohar further added that he insists the family and relatives meet their child once every month. In unfortunate cases where the child is abandoned or there is no known relative, he bears upon himself the complete responsibility of that girl’s education and marriage. Like a proud father, he narrated us stories of the girls from the orphanage who have got good jobs and carved out a decent life for themselves. We were overwhelmed beyond words.


In the course of our interaction, we came to learn that one of the water tanks that supplied drinking water had broken down owing to problems in the pipelines. Some of the Truebil members came forward and right now we are in the process of getting it redone.


At the same time, the team had a whale of a time chatting with the little bundles of joy. We could not stop ourselves and played different games with kids till late. They were full of energy and good humour. We distributed chocolates, clicked plenty of candid pictures and made memories galore.




In anyway, if we had started with an idea in our minds to help these kids, we ended up receiving more than one could ask for. This Diwali, without a doubt, we were richer; richer in experience and understanding of life. After all, happiness is worthwhile only when it is shared.


Team Truebil wishes you and your family a happy, safe and prosperous Diwali. Please share with us your Diwali experience. We will be more than happy to hear about it. 🙂



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