Buying a new car is always a happy occasion, especially if it’s your first. With the plethora of cars available in the market though, there are a lot of factors that one needs to take into consideration in order to narrow down choices. There’s the build of the car, such as a hatchback, sedan or an SUV, or even the comfort and infotainment services provided by the vehicle. Even security features are being closely looked at by consumers these days before making their purchase.

However, in a country that has a burgeoning middle-class with immense potential for becoming the largest consumer group, even budget becomes quite an important consideration. So we decided to take a look at some of the latest and most popular cars in the country being offered with a price tag starting at ₹5 lakh and inside of ₹10 lakh.

Honda Amaze (₹5.93 lakh – ₹9.79 lakh)                               

It’s festive time at Honda as the team prepares to celebrate the first anniversary of one of their hottest selling sedans in the country, the Amaze. Honda has packed in a host of features into this one, such as a multifunction steering, voice command, cruise control and even a state-of-the-art floating DIGIPAD 2.0 that provides incredible functionality, including navigation, access to social media and all the possible infotainment features one can imagine in a car. And all of this is being made available at a price tag starting at just under ₹6 lakh.

Hyundai Venue (₹6.5 lakh – ₹11.1 lakh)

The one of the latest SUVs launched in the country by the South Korean automotive giant Hyundai is the Venue. Replete with comfort, power, style and connectivity, the Hyundai Venue has been making waves in Indian markets. There are a lot of trendy features inside, such cooling in the glove compartment, a wireless charger, and an air filter, along with eco coating tech which ensures that you’re breathing in fresh air all throughout your journey. There’s also an Audio Video Navigation (AVN) system, complete with Telematics, and connected to Hyundai’s personal mobility assistant ‘Bluelink’ which keeps you connected, secure and entertained, all at the same time.

Toyota Glanza (₹7.22 lakh – ₹9 lakh)

One of the coolest hatchbacks in India at the moment is Toyota’s Glanza. Launched with the tagline ‘Let’s go hatchin’’, the Glanza has a number of new-age features such as air-conditioning that automatically adjusts cabin temperature as per your preferences, auto adjust headlamps and electro-chromic IRVM to ensure a safer ride, especially at night, and an anti-pinch power window, apart from the contemporary infotainment services. And having one of largest boot spaces amongst all the hatchbacks in India is just another thing that makes the Toyota Glanza a class apart.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (₹7.45 lakh – ₹11.2 lakh)

Built on the company’s next-gen Heartect platform, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is an MPV that been in the news lately for all the right reasons. The only MPV in its segment to come fitted with S-CNG tech, the Ertiga is beautifully designed, sturdy and packed with a number of features such as automatic climate control and two air-cooled cup holders, to name a few. The Ertiga’s one of the roomiest and most comfortable cars in its segment as well, with a sizeable luggage compartment at the back and recliner seats in the third row for added comfort.

Renault Duster (₹8 lakh – ₹12.1 lakh)

The Renault Duster is an SUV that has managed to capture the imagination of car enthusiasts across the country. This one’s a bit on the pricier end of our list, but it’s also the only over-4 metre SUV to offer an automatic version inside of ₹10 lakh. Stylish on the outside and packed with comfort and state-of-the-art tech on the inside, the Renault Duster comes with transmission options of a 6-speed Easy-R AMT (the first in the country) as well as the new X-tronic CVT gearshift. The Hill-Start Assist (with ESP), EcoGuide and Cruise Control features that it provides, ensures that you get a complete SUV experience with the Duster.

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