Affordable, comfortable and stylish – these are words that do not often go together! Specially when you are talking about SUVs. The Jeep Compass is here to change that perception forever – if you want an affordable as well as a comfortable SUV that can seamlessly handle rough terrain and dirt roads, then Jeep Compass is the vehicle for you!

A pat on the back for Jeep Engineers who have designed this all-terrain new marvel to drive like a luxury car and prance across beaten paths with equal finesse. Due to be launched in end-July or early August in India, Jeep Compass will have three variants – the basic Sport, the mid-level Latitude and the high end Limited.



You are definitely going to like the large 27 cubic feet rear cargo space of the new Compass. Want more cargo space – you can just fold down the rear seats and have more than 60 cubic feet of space to hold up the entire luggage for that adventurous trip. Space wise, it’s roomier than Jeep Renegade and you will love how everything is just neatly outfitted to give the feel of a full sized SUV that you can take to muddy campsites or roll on snow-filled roads.



Compass models come with the 2.0-litre Multijet II diesel and a 1.4-litre Multiair II turbocharged petrol engine. While the petrol engine boasts 162PS and 250Nm, the diesel variant will churn out 173PS and 350Nm. In terms of wheel base, you will get two options. 16 inch wheels are equipped into standard models and 17 inch in higher models. Petrol compass will be available with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearboxes and the diesel variant seems to miss out the auto gear option and will be available with 6-speed manual transmission.



With 2017 Compass, Jeep aims to offer customers a new taste of drivability and maneuverability. Drive comfort has been dramatically improved with new steering system and reliable breaking inputs. The vehicle has superior suspension control and chassis stiffness to manage smooth curves, bumpy rides and off-roading.




Call it a design characteristic or an engineering flaw; some SUVs transfer the littlest jerk straight to the driver. However, Jeep engineers have taken care of this by making substantial improvements in the vehicle in terms of shock-absorbers, seat cushion and plenty of head and leg space.



Cabin controls are well placed and are easily accessible by the driver. Doors have large openings and seats sit at the perfect place with doorsill step-over height being slight elevated. Passengers have more head clearance as the rear doors are squared cut and smartly placed.



The Compass comes with a comprehensive in-cabin entertainment system featuring a large classy 8.5 inch display unit with optional Sat-Nav system. Graphics rendition and touch screen response is top-notch.


The Jeep Compass is being manufactured at the company’s Pune facility and although there is still no confirmation about its price, it is expected to be sub-20 lakhs. It will face tough competition from Hyundai Tucson and Volkswagen Tiguan and only time will tell if the Jeep Compass can hold its own and rule one of the biggest automobile markets in the world.

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