Drive in an old car – drive out in a new one!!” sounds good. Sounds great, in fact! And hence, a few months ago, when I wanted to sell my four-year old car, I went to the dealer. There had been huge ads in the papers about the amazing prices and discounts. So I waltzed in, with grand visions of making a neat profit by exchanging my car.


As they say, nothing comes free. Definitely not a new car! The price that the dealer quoted for my old car was a lot less than what my neighbour wanted to pay for it. Thanking my stars that I had at least done some groundwork before going to the dealer, I realised exchange offers, more often than not, are overhyped and underpriced. Do read my tips as to why exchange may not be a good idea when it comes to cars, unlike electronics or household appliances.


You Do Not Get A Good Value For Your Car: Undoubtedly, an exchange is a hassle-free and convenient way to do away with the old car, but it sure isn’t the best way to get a good price for the same. The chances are, the prices quoted by the dealer will be much less than what you would get elsewhere.


You Have To Pick Up Your New Car From The Same Dealer: Once you decide to go in for an exchange of your old car for a new one, you are willingly restricting yourself to buy from the same dealer and same brand. He may not have a car of your choice – be it the make or the model or the colour. So, why settle for something less when your heart wants something more?


Exchange Bonus Is Just A Marketing Tool: Very often, it is seen that the dealer will proudly announce that he is making an offer of an exchange bonus. The underlying meaning of this translates into a lower valuation of your old car. In my experience, I have noticed that older cars that are of a more popular make are better valued than a non-popular brand or a model. These tend to be undervalued.


Be Wary If A High Price is Quoted For The Old Car: In case the dealer is indeed quoting a very high price for your old car, be on high alert – the dealer definitely has a hidden agenda; either he plans to give you a lower discount on your new car or he may be interested in selling over-priced accessories to you.



Once I got over the shock of the offer made by my dealer, I went online to do some research and finally settled on, one of the most trusted online marketplaces for used cars. I just had to list my car and they took care of everything else, including the paperwork. So, if you have a car to sell, look no further. Click Here 

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