In the current cacophony of EVs, one that stands out is the Tigor EV – a derivation of Tigor from Tata Motors. In its ongoing quest to lead the Indian market with affordable and relevant vehicles, the Indian auto giant has given birth to this fully electric, emission-free and futuristically designed vehicle. Tata Motors’ effort to develop a sustainable future for the country paid off when it won a tender to provide 10,000 units to the government’s EESL. The company has decided to set up as many EV charging stations as possible with the help of Tata Power. Currently, the Tigor EV is available only through car rental solutions in some parts of the country.

This Is Just the Beginning

Being a tribute from the brand to the nation with a motto of minimizing carbon footprint, the Tigor is all set to steal hearts. The new alteration to enjoy a high-level performance is the 3-phase AC induction motor and accompanying accessories along with AC charging socket instead of a combustion engine.  The DC socket is placed under the fuel filler cover. The fuel tank is replaced with 16.2 Wh lithium-ion battery pack which extends to the boot area. The combination of the motor and battery promises low energy consumption, speed charging ability, and high energy compactness. The dimensions, ground clearance, and boot space are beautifully combined to create a highly functional beauty.

Powerful Performer with Style

The Tigor EVs has a range of 80 to 100 km per full charge though this may vary relying on the total weight, vehicle potentiality, and road conditions. The advanced technology, smart suspension system, power steering, and macho headlights make for a delightful driving experience. 0-100 KMPH in 11 seconds as well as the top speed range add to the charm.


The revamped sleek exterior, the gorgeous colour options, the refurbished interior, the well placed sensible yet chic features focusing on safety and benefit of passengers – this is an affirmation of Tata Motors’ commitment to road safety.

Why Should We Choose Tigor EV

The ‘Tata’ brand name, the 3 year warranty, classy look, sturdy battery, EESL base and the price tag should be enough to convince buyers. If that is not enough, a growing enthusiasm towards creating a greener planet at a lower cost should encourage people to go for this.


Being launched between June to August this year with a price of Rs 11.5 lakh, the Tata Tigor EV is all set to wear the winner badge with its versatile service network, giving a tough fight to Mahindra e20 and Renault Kwid EV.

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