The CES started off more than five decades ago as a spinoff from the Chicago Music Show, which was then the major consumer electronics event in the country. These days, with over half a dozen automotive companies displaying their concepts and cars, and a whole lot of OEMs displaying their automobile-related wares, the CES could pretty much hold its own as an automobile expo as well.

Don’t get us wrong here though. Most of the automotive giants exhibiting were there and eager to show off their tech designs and advancements. There were a number of technology upgrades in the fields of comfort and entertainment on display, with BMW promoting its ZeroG Lounger seats through the BMW X7 and Sony launching its Vision-S concept car with more screens than you can look at and more sensors than used in match moving. There was a lot to be blown away by at the show but we’ll stick to the cars for now. Here a look at some of the coolest concepts and cars at CES 2020.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr

The Vision Avtr, a concept that was on display by Mercedes Benz, has been inspired in design by the record breaking box office blockbuster ‘Avatar’. And all this at a time when James Cameron released new concept art as a sneak peek towards the upcoming sequel of the movie. He even introduced the Vision Avtr with a keynote address. The Vision Avtr isn’t all show though. Sustainable to the core, the Vision Avtr has a battery with graphene-based organic cell chemistry and wooden flooring made completely from harvested timber. Building towards a new world, aren’t we?

Audi AI:ME

Announced as a concept by Audi in March last year at the Shanghai Motor Show, the AI:ME rolled into the CES 2020 riding high on the backs of its list of high-tech features. This completely automated car uses something called as the Audi Intelligence Experience, which takes note of the user’s habits and makes use of artificial intelligence to improve functioning with respect to the safety, comfort and convenience of the user. Audi also provides the occupants with a pair of VR goggles so that they can enjoy a completely virtual experience, with the tech adapting the visual content to the movements of the vehicle. Well, since you do not have to drive, you might as well sit back and enjoy the experience.

Jeep 4xe (Wrangler, Compass and Renegade)

There wasn’t a single vehicle present at the CES this year with only an internal combustion engine in it. This year (and hopefully the coming years as well) was completely dominated by EVs and PHEVs. Even Fiat Chrysler Automobile announced its intention of electrifying its entire line of Jeep vehicles in the coming few years by introducing three Jeeps viz. the Wrangler, the Compass and the Renegade, with batteries that would allow them to go just about 50km before switching to a 1.3-liter turbo-four combustion engine. We just can’t wait to see some off-roading being done on battery power.

Nissan Ariya

This one was probably the most anticipated amongst all others in the list. The successor to one of the most successful EVs ever, the Nissan Ariya is a crossover SUV that is all set to take over the mantle from the Nissan Leaf, given the growing demand in the segment across the world. The Ariya isn’t just bigger than the Leaf, it is more powerful as well; being powered by two motors instead of one and has a greater range of 300 miles on a single charger as well (as compared to 225 on the Leaf). This one surely seems to be worth the wait.

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