When you are selling your car there are always two end goals in mind. First, the process must be hassle-free and second, you must get the best value for your car in the market

Popular Path:


You can sell your car via dealers or similar business entities. But they usually charge commission for their service which ends up reducing the size of your net return.

The Higher Return Path:


A more sensible way is to sell car on consumer platforms like Olx or Truebil where the car seller gets to negotiate car price with verified car buyers directly. There is no middleman/ entity involved to extract commission and the seller keeps the entire value of his sold car to himself. This manifests in the form of around 10% gain to the seller.

1.Car Spa


A little preparedness goes a mile when it is a question of big returns. Buyers are more willing to adjust to your quoted price if you bring a squeaky clean car. Spending as little as 5k bucks on car spa cleans your car from rooftop and sunbeam to wheel cap and does wonders to the car’s look.

2. Servicing

AE8XYW Close up of male auto mechanic working on engine in auto repair shop


A record of regular servicing of your car is a strong indicator that it is a reliable and safe. Get your car one time servicing before selling it. The repair of all wear/maintenance items in your car increases the chances of seller to close the bid of car in the higher range.

3. Warranty


In a few thousand bucks you can get 1 year warranty for your used car. A typical car warranty on used cars excludes general wear and tear to but covers against those mechanical problems of the car which can affect its quality of performance. It makes your car more lucrative to buyers and raises its selling price.

4. Roadside Assistance


If you wish to make your used car truly stand out from the crowd, get 1 year RSA for it. RSA ensures emergency servicing in case of car breakdown on road. It is an indicator of quality and maintenance by the previous owner. No doubt, used cars that come with servicing, warranty and RSA are treasured among car buyers.


Above are the sure shot tips to fetch your used car 1 Lakh more than the market. Here, keep in mind that while Olx is a classified that sells a host of products ranging from foot wears to furniture, Truebil is dedicated solely to the trading of verified used cars. Sell your car here.









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