When we talk about cars, it is generally the appearance and features of a car that come to our mind. What we fail to realize is that it’s the car interior that we are going to see more than the exterior body for most part of our journey.

There was a time when car interiors were completely overlooked.Not anymore. Today more and more people are queuing up to customize their cars. This is because a comfortable and visually pleasing car interior can enhance one’s driving experience by miles. And the good news is that you don’t even have to spend a lot for bringing back your old car to life. Below we enlist how you can restyle your car for an all new, fresh and fabulous driving experience.

Focus on the dashboard:

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When you are at the driver’s wheel, a lot of the time is spent simply staring at the dashboard. Start at the steering wheel. If the wheel is worn out or deteriorated, a simple leather cover can make a big difference to how the car feels. If the dashboard pad is faded, repainting or dyeing can fix it. Buying dashboard cover is an equally good investment. Check for dashboard illumination. Over years, the illumination knob gets dimmer and the drivers face difficulty in reading their speedometers at night. The worn out knobs and switches can be cheaply replaced with new parts and restored to their former glory.

Miscellaneous essentials:

 seat covers

Seat covers are important if you like your car’s interior polished and maintained. They protect seats from damage without compromising on the comfort. A seat cover should ideally be flexible, durable and above all, comfortable. Market is packed with variety of seat cover models which come in multitude of colours, patterns and materials. Pick the one that suits both your needs and budget. When going on long journeys take seat cushion along. It will support your back for that bumpy ride. Foam, ventilated, orthopedic pressure relief cushions- all kinds are available in the market.


Floor mats cover the car floors. They are used to trap water, road salt, mud and sand.  You can use all-weather floor mats which have sculpted ridges to prevent shifting in your vehicle and non-sticky surface that makes cleaning the mats easier. Although floor mat comes in standard sizes, you can go for custom made floor mats for picking the design and colour of your choice.


stereo system

Within few years’ time, the stereo system of your car gets outdated. Trading an old radio head unit for one that integrates with an iPod, iPhone and bluetooth connection is the best decision you can make for your car. To get the best out of a stereo system, you can replace factory installed speakers with a set of aftermarket speakers. Aftermarket speakers come in different types. Two-way speakers have two speaker cones. A three-way speaker has three separate drivers per speaker. Typically three-way speakers are aftermarket speakers.

While purchasing new speakers take adequate consideration of speaker size, shape and depth so that the car doors are able to hold it. If you breathe music then go ahead with adding amplifiers and sub woofers  to transform the car into your own little concert cockpit.

Air conditioning systems in cars can suffer from mold, mildew and bacteria blocking the way of wind.  Repairing or replacing these systems can be tricky, more so on newer automobiles. An AC consists of many parts like compressor condenser, evaporator, refrigeration lines, and sensors. To clean out the system, inspect your AC. Make sure that the air coming into the system isn’t first passing through leaves or dust in the passageways. Then get your AC filters changed or cleaned for a chilled out driving experience in summer.


Vehicles built during the last couple of decades use plastic composite headlamps that dull over time. One can get headlight restoration done often for cheap. It only takes a few minutes to turn a dull, yellowed headlight clear. It instantly improves illumination. If stock bulbs are inadequate, upgrade the headlight bulbs to more powerful ones with the appropriate relay and wiring. Proper lighting makes your car look newer.

One of the obvious advantages of fog lights is guiding you through the road ahead with beams of light. Another advantage is that these lights add to the style quotient of your car making it a complete head turner on the road. While the usual yellow lights work the best by providing great visibility, blue and bright white ones can be too bright and distracting on the road at night. Make sure that you choose fog lights that are durable and a perfect fit for the vehicle model you own.


If your heart is sucker for traveling and you spend most of your free time mapping the roads then your car is your mini home. There are countless other hacks that can give your car a makeover.


The worn out trim plastic can be easily scrapped away and spray painted to give your car a fresh interior.

car cooler

A car refrigerator or car cooler conveniently fits inside your car’s front and rear console so you can store plenty of beer and whatever you like. Always stock up the cooler before hitting the highway.

Lastly, there are all types of decorative air fresheners available in the market – oil wicks, gel air fresheners, aerosol spray. You can choose any one of them and soak yourself in the smell of pure joy while you drive in your own re-branded, restyled car!

If this ain’t thug game then what is!


Happy driving!

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