A cartoon character with a thick bushy moustache, big eyes, white gloves and a red hat with letter ‘M’. Who is it?

No prizes for guessing guys! Taadaaaa!

Who else could it be? Each of us resonates to the typical theme soundtrack of undoubtedly the most famous game of the century: Mario! Throwing fireballs, collecting coins and jumping with the sound of Toing on those brown enemies excited us more than anything or anyone.

Wouldn’t you agree that video games have been a pervasive part of millennials’ culture throughout? If you do (we know most of you do), then wish you a very happyyy Videooo Gamesss Dayyyy! 🤗 🎮 I’m not kidding! 12th September is marked to celebrate the unsubstitutable importance of video games in our lives. I don’t blame you for not trusting me though. When my colleague told me about it yesterday, I too had the sarcastic ‘Yeah, right.’ moment. But it is true!

Most of us would have asked for a ‘national holiday’ but our company is always 2 steps ahead of us. When we reached our office, on our desks were not the briefing cards or to-do lists but pre-installed games on the desktops. Now who would miss such an opportunity!

Competition #1: Super Mario!

Celebrate Video Games Day without Mario? Impossible! While most of us have moved on to the more interactive and multiplayer arcade games, the old fashioned people (like myself :P) would prefer running Mario through the arenas. Toing! Toing! Toing!

Competition #2: CounterStrike!

Of course. How would our boys have fun if there’s no fast-paced game with gun shooting and strategy planning? On top of that, our young girls have joined the league too. I mean, wow! Check this out:

Competition #3: ???

Hey, we know how exhausting gaming can really be. Rapid heartbeats and dilated pupils glued on the screen for such a long time means an empty stomach.

Perfect time for a Hog-a-thon! Honestly, it was supposed to be a decent eat-and-talk lunch session but when you are famished and pizzas are around, the world goes into oblivion 😋

We wish we could prove to you our state of affairs but we’d rather choose to show you the most decent photo in our gallery.

What a day! Video Games Day is just another excuse to go down a path of digital reminiscence and the best way you can celebrate the day is by digging out your old consoles and share your collection of cult games with your buds. Also don’t forget, you play to win! 😉 😁

The Office, a battleground. Guarded by terrorists & counter terrorists

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