The car that you own or drive comes with a lot of features and specifications. It is not just enough that you know how to drive it well; you should also be aware of the various warning signs and alarms that indicate problems with the car.

Your car’s dashboard is one of its most significant parts – the warning lights on it guide you to a multitude of possibilities. It is wise to read the user manual of your car thoroughly so that you know what the different signs imply. But in case you have not read the manual, here is a list of the common and not-so-common dashboard signs.


Cruise Control Light: If this light is blinking or on, it means that the cruise control mode is on.

cruise control

Tyre Pressure Warning Light: If this is blinking, it is an indicator that the air pressure in one or more tyres of your car is low and it needs to be fixed.


Oil Pressure Warning: When this light is on, it means that either your car’s engine is low on oil or there is an issue with the oil pressure system of the car.


Battery Alert: If this alert pops up on the dashboard, it means that the car’s charging system is low on power. You need to get this checked immediately.


Fuel Indicator Symbol: This not only indicates that the car is low on fuel, but in some models, you will see an arrow next to the fuel gauge which points out to you which side of the car the fuel tank is located.

fuel indicator

Seat Belt Reminder Light: If the driver of the car has not fastened the seatbelt, this sign comes on and is sometimes accompanied by an alarm too.

Seat Belt

Fog Light Indicator: As is obvious by the name, it is lit only if you have the fog lights on.


Handbrake Alert: If you have engaged the handbrake and not pulled it down, this light will be on and the car will not move in a smooth way or not at all.

hand brake

Coolant Temp Warning: This could be an indicator that the temperature is above the normal levels; therefore you should check the level of coolant; the operation of the fan maybe faulty or there may be a coolant leak.


Engine Temperature Warning: This is an indication that your car engine has become too hot and you need to stop for a while.

engine 1

Engine Warning: This warning signals that there is some problem with your engine, you need to take the car to a garage and get it checked.



Car Door Indicator: This lights up when any of the doors of your car is open. Check all the cars before driving further.

car door

Warning Light: Thisgenerally lights up with any other warning sign, and indicates a general problem with your car.


While the list above is not exhaustive, it gives the list of the most important warning signs. Do get your car checked at an authorised garage if the warning sign indicates something that you cannot handle at home. Do not ignore any warning sign that your car is giving you, neglected warning signs can, and often do, cause major harm.

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