Everyone fantasizes to own a car – the sexier, the better. But having one has its own baggage.


1#  The fuel tank is always near empty when you have to rush to your destination.



2# The AC in your car is never blowing at the perfect temperature.

You are either



3#  You never really take out your car for servicing without nagging about it for months at end. Procrastination, thou art a Bitch!



4# The roads are run by the law of the Jungle.



5# If you are a woman driving a car, things come fairly easy as they always do. A small scratch or a wrong turn and behold, the tongues go rolling.


To which we say:


6#  The best security device is watching a traffic policeman in the rear view mirror.



7# The FM is practically useless. When you wish to listen to some news all the stations play Honey Singh songs. When  you are in a mood to jam and drive, the RJs don’t seem to stop babbling.


Which is quite annoying.


8# By a rare stroke of luck, if you happen to find a cozy, little space to pull over your car, brace yourself. It’s near impossible for you to drive back that smoothly. WHY?


Because, right there behind your back is a bike parked blocking your fancy car.


And that is the only time we have to agree with this man.



Well, it’s not that we are complaining. It is always great to own a swanky car. Actually, it is pretty much everything material that we want.

my love

Ruling the roads like a king, baby. 😉 😎
my love 2



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