Thoughts of a long road trip brings back fond memories and goosebumps of excitement to travel enthusiasts, be it blazing summer or freezing winter, short distance or across the country.


India is a country where road trips are taken for granted, with endless places to drive to. Its intoxicating natural beauty, chaotic yet fantastic roads, daunting highlands, amicable and unpredictable people make a road trip enticing and unforgettable. To enjoy to the core, to make it an experience, regardless of how one feels about road trips, it is wise to be prepared before embarking on one. Here are some tips to ensure a pleasurable road trip this summer.


Preparing the car

  1. A car in perfect shape improves its chance of staying reliable and efficient throughout the trip. So get it serviced and checked at least a week before your trip.
  2. Fill the tank and keep a can of engine oil and radiator coolant in the trunk.
  3. Knowing some of the basic features and how to fix them is essential, like checking wipers, indicators, lights, brakes and changing tires etc.
  4. The battery should be checked to make sure it has clean terminals.
  5. Tires are the integral part of a car, so they should be in perfect shape before starting out. They must be inspected for any tears, bulges and tire pressure.
  6. Owner’s manual, puncture repair kit, duplicate keys, photocopy of the car’s documentation, First-aid kit and emergency numbers should be carried during the trip.
  7. Fog-lights should be fitted to encounter extreme weather conditions and headlights malfunction.
  8. Smart packing should be done considering car’s load capacity to avoid reduced fuel economy and risk of a roll -over.

Other preparations

  1. If travelling with kids, carry adequate snacks, water, games, activity books, music, umbrella, camera and portable light.
  2. Adequate season-suitable clothes, sunglasses, slippers, mobile phones with chargers are a must.
  3. Some amount of cash, loose change to make small payments, ATM cards, mobile phones and a portable charger are essential.
  4. A GPS device with proper information is helpful for navigating around congestion and help find desired stopover for refreshment. A road map book could be added to the list too.
  5. To beat city traffic, it is wise to start early or late night considering safety and road conditions.
  6. While booking hotels or places to stay at night, check if they have parking for the car.
  7. Wearing light and comfortable clothing helps stay comfortable.
  8. If possible, take along someone who can share the driving with you.

Last but not the least, make sure to drive safe and follow the road rules to have a memorable road trip, be it this summer, monsoon or winter!!!


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