Life is perfect. Nothing can go wrong. Trust everybody…. Good mottos, but not practical, especially when it comes to getting your cars serviced.

Because most of you have no idea about the inner mechanics of cars, you trust the service technicians blindly. But the fact is the service centers also have targets to meet and profits to make. Hence, here is the list of things that you should check before giving your car for Service, to avoid getting duped.

Work Order / Job Sheet

It’s standard practice to prepare a job sheet, regardless of the station to which you give your car for service. While giving your car for service you must point out all faults that need to be taken care of. Make sure that you thoroughly check your car and verify the sheet before handing over to ensure that everything has been truly recorded.

Documents / Belongings / Tool kit / Boot

Just to be on the safer side it’s advised that you take out the all documents (mostly RC, Car Insurance, Etc.) out of your Glovebox. Keep the Service record Manual (User Manual) even if it is for a paid service. Remove the tool kit and other personal belongings viz; Luggage / Dolls / removable Accessories from Parcel Tray / Boot area. Remove all detachable units. Ensure no CD’s / USB’s are in the slot. Detach Woofers (if detachable). If it’s not possible, you can ask the service advisor to mention this on the Job sheet to ensure that it does not get misplaced while the car is being serviced. Leave the Jack, Jack Handle and toolkit at home or ask service adviser to note it down.

Fuel Level

Ensure that the fuel level is marked on the job sheet to prevent misuse of fuel. Avoid giving your car for service with more than 40% Fuel.

Odometer Reading

Note down your Odometer readings just after reaching the service center and record it in the Invoice / Note. This will later tell you if the car was driven more than necessary while in the service center.

Tyre Condition / Wheel Rotation & Balancing

Have a good look at the tyres/wheels before handing over your car, especially if your tyres are new. If you are getting rotation and alignment done along with service, mark the tyres so that you can be sure they are rotated and ask for alignment report. Take note (tread wear) of your spare tyre. If possible, leave a small mark. If your tyres are filled with Nitrogen, do inform the Service Manager.

Road Test

If you have any major issue to be rectified, it’s better to take a test drive with the service advisor and ensure that the issue is actually comprehended, however small it might be. Most often it’s the smaller issues that further aggravate and make the problems worse than they actually were in the first place.

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