“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Remember those group projects back in school or college? The one where either -everyone tries to take a lead to find a place in the good books of the teachers or try to satisfy their ego by imposing their so-called ‘brilliant’ ideas for the project.

But it taught us a very important lesson of our life. If the team members are equally invested in the overall purpose and goal, magic happens! Your productivity becomes ten-fold, you brainstorm on innovative ideas and the quality of the final product is remarkable.

After weeks of research, several advisory sessions and multi-agency pitch, we right swiped the most ideal partner, Publicis India as our branding alliance. Who knew it takes so much to find the right partner? After a thorough understanding of our vision and aspirations, Publicis was sold! And so were we when we found that their values were an exact match to our core principles. 

As creative partners, we will be strategizing and executing a forward-thinking communication plan that would pitch Truebil as a solutions provider with a difference. 

Their expertise, our vision. Their values, our ambition.

We’ve had two rounds of brainstorming and branding workshop with them. During the course of these workshops, both of us learnt new things about Truebil, the customers, and taking a brand from where it is to where it wants to be.

To finalise on the brand essence of Truebil, we answered all the questions and ticked all the boxes. From target group to competitors, insight to positioning, USPs to reasons to believe, we had hour-long discussions and explored all the aspects of the pre-owner car market.

Discussions peeked on who do we sell to, who do we want to sell to, what do we want to say and how do we want to say it. And so much more we can’t currently tell you about. :p

Do you see the seriousness on these faces! That’s our executive team working with Publicis towards further plan of action.

Our partnership has just begun and we have already started preparing the magic potion. Stay tuned to witness the sorcery!

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