How to Prepare your Car for the Monsoon

Monsoons finally arrived in India after a delay of about 2 weeks. While rains provided respite after the scorching summer, they wrought havoc on the motorists. Reason being, Indian roads and the drainage system are never made to tackle rainy weather.

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The KIA Seltos, Stylishly Herculean!

Only about a week ago, the Korean automotive giant Kia Motors (only the second largest in the country, following Hyundai) premiered its newest subcompact crossover SUV, the Seltos, to the world from New Delhi, India.

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The New Way to Cruise

Owning a vehicle has always been considered as a mark of status in society, and especially so in India. It is a special day when your first vehicle is booked and an even more special one when your car arrives.

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Toyota: Augmenting Reality

Remember Pokémon Go? Yes, the same augmented reality mobile game based on the Japanese animated series from the 90s that took the world by storm in the July of 2016.

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When the Legend Lived his Dream

There would be barely any person who hasn’t heard the name of the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar, especially if you’re from a country that plays the sport (even more so if you’re from the Indian subcontinent).

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Toyota Glanza, the Fun Hatchback!

Toyota recently launched a brand new car titled the ‘Glanza‘, with the tagline ‘Go Ahead!’ and the catchphrase ‘Let’s Go Hatchin’’.
A bit similar in appearance to its closest rival, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno hatchback,

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