#TrueCelebrations With #Truepers 🙏

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

We take the aforementioned proverb very seriously. And hence, we make it a point to make use of every opportunity to celebrate whether its a birthday or a festival. While most of the folks plan out a grand vacation for themselves during the festive season, our mates celebrate these occasions with their Truebil fam and mind you, our festivities are LIT!

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Ways to boost your car’s ground clearance

Unless you’re speeding on a highway in the country, speed breakers and potholes are a regular feature in the life of anyone who drives. Every time your car is loaded to capacity and the underbelly of your car scrapes across a speed breaker,

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The Dos and Don’ts of driving in winter

Winter is here and the temperatures seem to be dropping like it’s nobody’s business. Now, not many people in tropical climates get to experience snowfall in the winters, unless they’re situated in the mountainous regions where the snow-capped peaks are part of your breakfast view.

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