Watch with bated breath the Cars of Fast and Furious 8


Thrillers in the tinsel world have never been complete without focusing on exciting car chases by the hero and the baddie, but perhaps none have been able to grab viewer attention as much as the Fast and Furious series. The latest in the sequence is Fast and Furious 8 or Fate of the Furious. A movie in which cars are as important as characters, Fate of the Furious also features a variety of cars like its predecessors. Here is a list of these custom built cars which keep the audience mesmerised.

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How SUVs/MPVs have journeyed to the Indian Heart


India is land of culture, legends, tradition and grandeur. Everything that is produced in India is made on a monumental scale and from the heart. Right from weddings to the celebration of festivals, India is known to put on a grand show for the entertainment of everyone. However, with a sizeable and rapidly growing middle-class starting to dominate the demographics of the consumer market post the 1970s,

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Charged up for an Electric Ride!


Practical models of Electric Cars were designed and manufactured as long ago as the end of the 19th century. However, it was only with the recent revolution in the field of battery design and the growing concerns regarding the damage caused by internal combustion engines to Mother Nature that Electric Cars have been allowed to step into the limelight.

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Honda WR-V – Adding Wow to your life!


Designed specifically for developing markets, the Honda WR-V was initially revealed at the Sao Paulo Auto Show in Brazil. But the carmaker surprised analysts and pundits by deciding to launch the redesigned subcompact SUV in India before other countries. With four distinct variants of Honda WR-V and each variant an upgraded version of the much-loved Honda Jazz, it is clear Honda wanted to cash in on Jazz’s popularity in India before the love lost its lustre.

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Top Cleaning Tips for your Car


A car is one of those few inanimate objects we treat almost like a living being; treasuring it like a family member. Buying that first car, the first drive etc. become special memories that live with us forever. Hence, this much-loved family member needs and enjoys the same level of care and attention that we shower on the rest of the family.

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Modifying the Law


India has a penchant for modifications. We thrive on modifying everything that we can, personalising and customising it to the maximum extent possible. The automobile industry hasn’t been able to stay away from this fascination either, and customised automobiles have been the norm for quite a few years now.

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