The End of Fossil Fuels?


The advent of fossil fuels was an important part of the industrial revolution, and hence, of life as we know it today. Petrol, diesel, coal, natural gas – fossil fuels have been the cornerstones of human development and have led us to where we are today. But, as it’s said, all good things must come to an end, and a “Good Bye” to fossil fuels is inevitable.

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The Honda CR V Hybrid Prototype


Honda unveiled the CR V Hybrid Prototype at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. More recently, the automaker showcased the prototype of its electrified crossover at its 2017 Frankfurt motor show stand. Though the CR V Hybrid is officially to be launched in 2018, the prototype appears almost production ready. Honda aims to introduce hybrid-tech for the first time in European market through this model.

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Truebil in Bengaluru – What Can You Expect?


September saw Truebil making a foray into the Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru. Post our success in Mumbai, it was only natural for us to enter this city buzzing with auto enthusiasts.  For car lovers in the city, Truebil, being the only curated and verified marketplace for pre-owned cars, is a dream-come-true. With an offline store at Mantri mall and online operations, Bengaluru can now look forward to a reliable dealer for used cars.

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How ‘TRUESCORE’ Helps You Choose The Right Car



No matter what we buy, we always look for products that give us the most within our targeted budget. Now be it colour options, quality, durability or the finish of the product, we always look for that extra bit which makes our purchase a little better as compared to others. So how do we really know which apple is rotten and which one’s genuinely fresh? This is when we need an authentic report that tells us all about the product in detail.

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Truebil’s Top 5 at the Frankfurt Auto Show

Frank 1

The Frankfurt Auto Show 2017 opened to the public after a swanky and colourful inauguration on 14th September. Autonomy and Electrification being the buzzwords this year, along with driving enjoyment and performance, it looks like the future has arrived at Frankfurt.

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What to do when your car is stuck in a flood!!


Being out on the road driving through or being stuck in the water clogged and flooded roads is every car owner’s nightmare.  If the thought of being stuck deters you from driving, here is our list of 10 steps you should take if you are ever stuck in your car on a flooded road.

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The Fully Charged Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Nissan has just announced the launch of Leaf – the second generation of the world’s bestselling electric car. Nissan hopes to launch the new Leaf in India in 2018, so it would be interesting to know what this improved EV has on offer.

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Best Small Cars to Buy This Festive Season

i10 amt

The festive season is just around the corner and while we all draw out lists of things to be bought, replaced, refurbished, many of us wait for this opportune time to buy our most prized possession, a car. For some of us, it may be our first car and therefore extra special, making it a very important and well thought-through decision. For others, it may be upgrading or replacing an old one, but the decision is equally critical, what with the wide variety of makes, models and specs available. To ease that pressure off you, here’s a list of small cars to buy this festive season.

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How to sell a car across state boundaries


In a country as vast as India, the chances of a person buying a car in a particular state and using it in another state are very high. Be it job transfers or new jobs, people move from one state to another. And take along their cars. Subsequently, they might want to sell their cars to buy new ones. The process for selling such cars (inter-state) is quite different from the regular intra-state process.

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5 Futuristic Car Features of 2018


The year 2018 is just around the corner now, and autonomous driving is no longer a figment of our imagination. Features like lane keep assist and self -breaking systems already fall under the label of driver-assist functions and are part of our automotive existence.

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