5 things to check before taking delivery of your car


Buying a car is not just a financial decision but an experience in itself. The thrill of buying your dream car, doing research, negotiating for the best deal, arranging finances and finally getting it home! It’s an emotionally-charged decision. However, in the excitement of procuring a new set of wheels, do not forget the most crucial part of the whole procedure – doing a final assessment of the actual car you will get before taking delivery.

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The All-new BMW X3 2018 is here to set pulses racing


For a long time now, BMW has stuck to the old X3, preferring to ignore the public clamour for a revamp. However, it looks like the company has finally given in to the market demands. Early 2018 will see the launch of the new improved X3. Blended with BMW’s creative and versatile KLAR architecture and perfectly redesigned by Calvin Luk, the 2018 BMW X3 is reportedly a fusion of driving enjoyment, luxury, comfort and utility.

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Smart Keys for Smart Cars

smart key

Smart cars need smart keys, right? And ironically, although these little devices may contain physical keys too, their primary job is to enable you to lock/unlock your car without physically inserting a conventional key into the lock or ignition as was the case in earlier-generation cars.

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Top 7 Cars of 2017


As the end of 2017 draws closer, it’s time to do a countdown of the top cars launched in the year. With so many cars being launched every month, it is tough to choose a car that you can call the best one. Especially when most of them have features at par with each other and are priced competitively in the respective segment! Our panel wanted to choose cars that were liked by the critics as well as the car-buying public, and hence used the following parameters:

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Car Maintenance Tips: Myths vs Facts


In the world of automotive maintenance, there is a whole lot of information available on hand. Some of this information has been handed down from father to son and others from sources with vested interests. Moreover, while some of these ideas may have been applicable for older car technologies, they may no longer hold good, thus costing you money instead of helping you save it. Let’s take a look at some of these ideas and compare them with the actual scenario.

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Tesla’s electric new ‘Roadster’ will shock the competition

road 1

As kids, we would often fantasize about taking a ride in a flying car, be it inspired from Luc Besson’s classic sci-fi movie ‘The Fifth Element’ or Hanna-Barbera’s space-age animated sitcom ‘The Jetsons’. Just last week, Tesla’s CEO and Product Architect Elon Musk hinted that a ‘special upgrade’ of its new Roadster supercar might be capable of doing precisely that.

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How to drive safely through smog


Well, it’s that time of the year again! Yes, winter has taken over from autumn happily, and shall soon start manifesting itself in the form of fog in most parts of the world. Now when this seasonal spoilsport mingles with the forever persistent miscreants, better known as pollutants; it leads to reduced visibility and increased moisture up on the windscreens. The result is a dangerous driving scenario that has been claiming lives of urban mortals commuting on roads.

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7 Cars you can look forward to in the Indian Auto Expo 2018


Excitement is in the air ahead of the 14th edition of Auto Expo, the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest, scheduled for February 2018 in greater Noida India. Witnessing participation from around 20 countries, the auto show is all set to give you a glimpse into automakers’ plans for the Indian market in the next two years.  Introducing new concepts, announcing new models from their global line-up, showcasing facelifts and special editions …. auto majors are all set for this grand event. Giving you a sneak peek into the expo, here is a list of models that are expected to rule the marquee.

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Flying Taxis – The When and How


Life is so much more convenient today with the cab services becoming a reality all over the country. All you have to do is bring out your cell phone, hail a cab to the destination you want and the cab rolls down your street in a jiffy. But what if instead of a car, a flying taxi landed right outside your home? Seems too farfetched? Well, not any more.

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2017: The Advent of the Automotive Ultra-Modernity

2017 1

In this era of ceaseless innovation, no industry can afford to get comfortable with the conventions of the past. As the attention span of the everyday consumer grows shorter with time, the need to stay abreast of the competition grows even direr. The year 2017 has seen quite a few emerging trends in the automotive industry that have managed to awe the consumer and influence sales patterns. We have listed below for you, some of the most incredible and promising automotive trends of today.

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