Big Brother Knows Where You Drove To Last Summer

The recent controversy regarding data privacy that involved Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms across the world, and the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica Ltd. introduced the world to the dangers of how ‘Big Data’ can affect our lives. Read More

Tata Tigor EV – Inspiring a Lesser Carbon Footprint

In the current cacophony of EVs, one that stands out is the Tigor EV – a derivation of Tigor from Tata Motors. In its ongoing quest to lead the Indian market with affordable and relevant vehicles, the Indian auto giant has given birth to this fully electric, emission-free and futuristically designed vehicle. Read More

5 Factors Affecting Car Purchase in India

The Indian auto industry is by far the largest growing one in the world. With exponential growth over the last 3 decades, it has played a large role in the country’s economic growth. Yet, the last year has been tough for the market, with car sales showing a gross decline of 19.93% last month as compared to 2018 April. Read More

Is the Pre-Owned Car Market Bigger Than the New Car Market?

With the annual results of most automotive companies out, it’s clear that the new car market is going through choppy waters. Interestingly, the pre-owned market is not showing any such signs, with analysts concluding that used cars are fast emerging as a compelling alternative to new cars. Read More

Cast Off Cars?

The purchase of a new car in a country like India is quite the momentous occasion for many. The car is treated like a celebrity, worshipped before being brought home and then treated with the utmost reverence. Well, that at least till the novelty wears off through its regular use over a period of time. Read More

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