What your car tells about you?

The choice of car differs from one person to another. Like each of us might prefer a different style of dressing, we also have different preferences in what we drive. Be it brand new vehicles or refurbished cars, each car owner has their own reason for choosing their set of wheels. Read More

8 Tips for Safe Driving

According to a report in one of the leading dailies in India, ‘Indian roads, which account for the highest fatalities in the world, became yet more dangerous in 2015 with the number of deaths rising nearly 5% to 1.46 lakh. Read More

Automatic or Manual – A Tough Choice?

Buying a new car is a thrilling experience for many; and a pragmatic one for some. If you are not too passionate about cars, then the only purpose of buying it would be to take you from point A to point B, with the minimum disruptions, right? However, considering the road and traffic conditions in India and the huge range of cars available, you might want to stop awhile before taking a decision. Read More

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Car During Monsoon

Statistics has proven what common sense has always told us – a majority of car accidents in the year occur during the rainy season. The reasons could be manifold – starting from external reasons like poor condition of roads, low visibility and unexpected traffic jams, to internal reasons that include poor driving skills in the monsoons or a badly maintained car. Read More

All About Paint Protection For Your Car


Most people do not hesitate to spend a hefty sum of money to own their dream car. But cars can be expensive and depreciating assets. The value of a new car falls significantly within a short amount of time. Hence, it becomes essential for owners to explore ways to preserve the value of their expensive possessions, not to mention keep them looking good for their own satisfaction. Read More

10 Items You Must Not Forget to Keep in Your Car

Regular maintenance of your car is crucial to ensure its smooth functioning. However, in spite of your best efforts, you might sometimes face emergencies and sticky situations while driving. Here is a list of items you must have to handle these emergency situations efficiently. Keep them in your car and you will be ready to face any emergency, any time. Read More

So you have bought that pre-owned car? What next?

After debating a lot over the latest brands of cars and comparing their features and USPs, you have finally zeroed in on the pre-owned car perfectly suited to your needs. But once it rolls into your parking lot, and the initial excitement and celebrations are over, there are a lot of things you need to think about and plan. Read More

Truebil Direct – The one-stop shop for you

Over the years, studies carried out by researchers and automotive experts have proved that the value of a new car falls drastically in the first year regardless of its make and model. Hence, smarter buyers opt for used cars to get a better car for the same money, and avail depreciation benefits. But often buyers find it daunting to pick and buy a pre-owned car of the highest quality, especially in a marketplace like India.

Read More

7 reasons buying a pre-owned car makes more sense

The thought of buying a car is a real turn on for most. You might spend days and weeks poring over newspaper ads, websites and automotive magazines in your quest for the best car for your money. As many experts will tell you though, but most of the time, opting for a pre-owned car is a much more intelligent decision. Read More

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