The BMW VBX6: How Black can Black be?

Have you ever wondered how the skies would appear in the night if there were to be no stars twinkling above? How would it feel staring into that vast expanse of space, that lightless void hovering above you? Well, so as to help you take a peek at the ‘dark side’,

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Porsche 911: The Undisputed Champ of the Auto Industry

There is perhaps no other car in the history of automotive that has managed to create a legacy for itself as the Porsche 911 has. Currently, in its 8th generation, the latest version of the 911, which was launched late in 2018 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, is known as the Porsche 992 by fans and enthusiasts faithful to the brand.

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How agile methodology backs operations and sales at Truebil

At Truebil, we believe that the perfect amalgamation of technology and operation bridge the gap between where an organization is to where it eventually wants to be. With everything we do, we make sure that this is the core of the process. Let me take you through how agile methodology catalyzes our operation and sales processes.

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5 Upcoming Cars This Festive Season

Although the Indian auto industry is witnessing a downslide in sales but it has not lost hope. With the most awaited festive season around the corner which every Indian looks forward to, car manufacturers eagerly wait to capitalize on the sentiments of buyers.

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Five Eco-Friendly CNG Cars from Maruti Suzuki

Diminishing air quality due to vehicle emission and increasing fuel prices led the Indian auto industry to think of greener and eco-friendly cars. Though electrification is on its way, hunt for a cheaper option led to CNG.  India is futuristic about CNG run cars where Maruti is a leading agent in

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The Porsche Taycan: Electrifyingly Sporty!

Porsche AG is one automobile giant known to manufacture cars that put a zing in driving. And so, when Porsche decided to take the plunge into the all-electric market, just about everyone and anyone with an interest in the automotive would wait with bated breath for the arrival

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