The World Car Awards 2017 – A curtain raiser

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The World Car Awards (WCA) is one of the most exclusive and recognized awards in the automotive sector, especially as it is organized by automotive journalists from across the world. Initiated in 2004, the WCA includes journalists from Asia, Europe, and North America. Cars from all over the world enter these highly prestigious awards. A panel of renowned global design experts review each candidate and come up with a short-list for the jurors.
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Top 5 luxury SUVs in India that cost < 1 crore

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While multiple hatchbacks and sedans are being launched every few months in the mid-range segment, the luxury segment is a tad different. There are more SUVs than sedans being introduced in the top-end. For the well-heeled and well-travelled, SUVs are the norm, more than cars. While till a few years back, limousines signified class, now SUVs are a more acceptable image for the ultra-rich, for the young and old alike. Read More

Will Currency Ban Boost Sale of Refurbished Cars in the short run?

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Popularly regarded as “the surgical strike on black money”, the currency demonetization drive initiated by the Indian government will impact different industries and sectors directly or indirectly. According to Care Ratings, the currency demonetization will affect sectors ranging from consumer goods and real estate to luxury goods and automobiles. And the automobile industry will be impacted “only to a certain limit” by the scrapping of older 500 and 1000 rupees notes.

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Fond Memories of the Amby

Ambassador Car

For a child of the sixties growing up in West Bengal, the Ambassador, “King of the Indian Roads” was a part of the landscape and aspiration – the ultimate symbol of success.

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7 Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Tires

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On an average, you can expect about 60000 miles from your new tires. As tires are the only components of your car that touch the ground, it is recommended that you replace them regularly to ensure your vehicle’s safety. However, the lifespan of a tire can be affected by a number of factors – type of vehicle, driving habits of the user, and continuous driving duration. Hence, you can extend the life of your tires by following some simple tips. Read More

Driverless Cars in India

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The fascination with driverless cars is on the rise, and car makers and tech companies are competing to be the first to introduce these smart cars. Most large companies are carrying out research on technology that will enable cars in the future to be auto-driven. And almost every week, there is another new article on driverless cars and the progress on the same. Read More

What your car tells about you?


The choice of car differs from one person to another. Like each of us might prefer a different style of dressing, we also have different preferences in what we drive. Be it brand new vehicles or refurbished cars, each car owner has their own reason for choosing their set of wheels. Read More

8 Tips for Safe Driving


According to a report in one of the leading dailies in India, ‘Indian roads, which account for the highest fatalities in the world, became yet more dangerous in 2015 with the number of deaths rising nearly 5% to 1.46 lakh. Read More

Automatic or Manual – A Tough Choice?

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Buying a new car is a thrilling experience for many; and a pragmatic one for some. If you are not too passionate about cars, then the only purpose of buying it would be to take you from point A to point B, with the minimum disruptions, right? However, considering the road and traffic conditions in India and the huge range of cars available, you might want to stop awhile before taking a decision. Read More

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