7 most haunted roads in India


Haunted roads do exist, not only in our imagination but in reality. Replete with strange sightings and frequent accidents. India is probably the country with the largest number of haunted roads. And, here is a list of arguably the most haunted roads in the country.
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NH 44 – A Foodie's Delight


“There is no love more sincere than the love for food” said George Bernard Shaw. If this is gospel truth for you, then you are a die-hard foodie. And for a foodie in India, NH 44 is paradise – a sublime and delicious experience.

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The 7 New Cars to Look Forward to in 2017


In spite of the negative impact on the industry due to the demonetization drive, automotive majorsare all set for their new launches in 2017. The first half of the year will see a slew of new cars, while it’s impossible to really evaluate the cars before they are on the market, here is what Truebil is excited about. Read More

The Xmas Spirit in Mumbai

Picture 12

Mumbai – a city of many faiths and convictions. A city where cultural diversities are so many in number, a place where secularism goes hand in hand with traditions. Though it is widely believed that Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and life here is really hectic, people of Mumbai do find time to celebrate festivals with fervour and passion. Be it Ganpati, Diwali, Eid or Christmas, Mumbai is all lit up in bright and dazzling lights to entice every soul around, irrespective of their religions. Read More

The Focus on After Sales Services – Long Overdue?

Picture 10

Since the last few months, ads run by major car manufacturers show a growing emphasis on after-sale services. The focus is as much on the quality of service as on the looks and features of a new launch. Some companies even offer an extended warranty period to tempt the customers. Read More

The Bullet – The History and Fascination of Bullet Bikes

Picture 8

Like others my age, I also yearned for the opportunity to ride a bullet during my teenage years. A fan of Sholay, my fondest memory of the movie is the 2 friends riding and singing away to glory on their bullet. Scenes of superstars riding the Royal Enfield bullets in style made many movie buffs like me envious. Read More

A Mystical Journey to Tawang

Picture 5

Being a fighter for underdogs throughout my life, I have always had a soft corner for the North East states as I feel they are the rather neglected children of India! And having heard a lot about the virgin beauty of the not-so-commercialized part of Himalayas, I wanted to see for myself how different life is for them. So while a trip to Arunachal Pradesh is not in the ‘places to see before I die’ list for many travelers, for me it has been a dream destination for a very long time. Read More

Green Vehicles – Future or Fad?

Picture 3

In the highly contentious debate on environmental pollution, the focus has slowly shifted from industries to automobiles. The automotive industry is being increasingly looked at as the single biggest entity that contributes to, and hence, can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint. Read More

For the Love of Vintage cars

Picture 1

Drive a vintage car down the road and what do you get? Looks of awe, wistful stares, and above all, curious enquiries about the make and model of the car. Well, vintage cars or classic cars as they are also known as, are certainly always ‘a neighbour’s envy and an owner’s pride’. Read More

Maruti Brezza – The best SUV for your money

Picture 3

With changing lifestyles over the last few years, there is a growing fondness for SUVs amongst urban Indians looking for a second car, specially compact SUVs. Whereas a decade back, you had almost no choice and were forced to buy either a Mahindra or a Tata, these days almost every month you see a new model being launched. Read More

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