Modifying the Law


India has a penchant for modifications. We thrive on modifying everything that we can, personalising and customising it to the maximum extent possible. The automobile industry hasn’t been able to stay away from this fascination either, and customised automobiles have been the norm for quite a few years now.

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Top 7 Fuel-Efficient Cars in India


Despite decreasing global oil prices, oil marketing companies in Indian keep increasing retail prices of petrol and diesel at frequent intervals. Many analysts even believe that prices of petrol and diesel will increase consistently throughout 2017. That is perhaps why fuel efficiency is still the primary parameter for comparing automobile models. Here is a look at the 7 cars in India that offer the best mileage.

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3 Automotive Tech Trends To Watch Out For


Technology is an incredible tool. Quite like the famed Oracle of Delphi who would give the ancient Greeks a peek into their futures, developments in technology allow us to see what lies in store for us on the path ahead. Automobiles have, for ages, been a gauge of the progress made by mankind.

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Car care for summer

Row of new cars on lot

It’s summer time! Like any other machine, cars too require special attention during these scorching months. Proper care and maintenance become a prerequisite and some precautionary measures need to be taken to ensure smooth rides. The following tips would aid in a hassle free summer for your cars.

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The Curious Case of Concept Cars


There was a time when a sleek aerodynamically efficient design and an advanced engine would be enough to draw gasps of wonder from auto lovers. Well, not anymore! The idea of a concept car has moved far beyond cosmetic modifications to larger issues of saving the environment as well as a personal connect.

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The Flying Car – PAL-V


The subject of many childhood fantasies, flying cars do not belong to dreams anymore. A seemingly impossible concept is now close to reality, thanks to the marvels of Science. The Dutch company PAL-V International, set up in 2001 to create an aircraft that could also be driven on the roads, has announced the launch of its flying car – The PAL-V.

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On the Verge of Extinction: Small Diesel Cars


According to KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017, “More than every second executive believes that diesel will be the first traditional powertrain technology to vanish from manufacturers’ portfolios. This is quite alarming for several manufacturers and regions considering their expected diesel penetration rates for 2023, such as Indian manufacturers with an overall diesel share of more than 60%.

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