It might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but right here, right now is the future at your fingertips. Well, at least that’s Nissan’s vision for NissanConnect; an integrated information and communication platform that connects with the customer’s smartphone to provide a superior driving experience – Intelligent Mobility.


NissanConnect has been developed specifically for the India market by Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India (RNTBCI) and is being marketed as an in-car technology that enables the customer to be connected to his family. NissanConnect has an embedded Telematics Control Unit (TCU) paired with an inbuilt SIM and secured server in every Nissan car. Available across all the Nissan range of cars, including Micra, Sunny and Terrano, it is platform independent, boasts of over 50 features and comes with a three year free subscription and a one year warranty program.


So what is the NissanConnect Advantage?


Safety and Security

Want to travel at a preset comfortable speed? The Speed Alert feature works with the owner to let him/her know when the car is travelling at a speed over and above a preset limit.


Want to stay within a certain geographical area? Geo Fencing to the rescue! Geo fencing instantly alerts the owner when his/her vehicle moves out of a set boundary area. This feature is especially useful in case of a burglary.


Want to control that young family member from partying out too late? Curfew Alert (Time Fencing) plays monitor. Here again, the owner is alerted if/when the car moves outside a set time.


Driving Control and Convenience

Want to know where your car is located from amongst those 5 levels of parking at the mall? Use the Locate My Car feature and zoom out of the parking lot in a jiffy.


Want to take that quick weekend trip with the spouse without weather playing spoil sport? Trip Plan is a useful feature that provides information on the weather, fastest route guidance and past trip history— that’s always useful on that long road trip planned.


Voice Assist Alerts allows the driver to enjoy better control of the car with voice assist alerts.


Pit Stops service assists the driver locate the nearby fuel, dealerships and service stations should there be an unplanned requirement or emergency.


Other features, like Service Booking, allow the owner to book a service in advance on the tap of a button, while Nissan Event Notify is a great way to stay updated on exciting events and offers.


Social Media Networking – In a world hooked on social media, Social Sharing not only provides for a Nissan sharing community but also allows the driver to stay connected on the go through multiple features like:


Share my car location permits the driver to share the car location whenever he/she wants with whomsoever.


Eco score grand prix  could fuel the competitive spirit within some drivers, as it tracks the most fuel-efficient driver on the leader board and shares it with the social world.


With Nissan’s intelligent Mobility, your car is all set to be transformed into a smarter, more responsive partner. It’s time to be driven by innovation!

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